Rumors about plans to commercialize and adopting new models of the U.S. Army Infantry weapon systems based on HM29 and HM8, long stroll. What is the fate applets OICW — (Objective Individual Combat Weapon — promising private martial weapon) in reality?

In fact, the implementation of projects and HM29 HM8 was first suspended and then canceled in late 2005, the main reasons for such decision taken by the Pentagon, were hugely increased spending on programs from re-incarnation, prepyadstviya with access to the data specifications for new systems tools weight and other factors, as the general desire of the military department closely examine and draw conclusions from the experience of warfare and the introduction of small weapons in Afghanistan and Iraq. In an article from the magazine Jane’s Defence Weekly on April 26, 2006 reported that «the U.S. military again postponed the purchase of new systems promising infantry gun, now more than 5 years, and we can only speak about the adoption of a 2-crotch systems. «
One such system is the assault rifle company Heckler & Koch, who perceive an active role in the implementation of programs from OICW. It also does not lose hope to seriously konkurentnst competitors in the struggle for military orders. As you know, for the base in the development of promising models of small guns was taken German assault rifle NC G36. The company was a major subcontractor U.S. company Alliant Techsystems HM29 system design and made with one of the divisions of General Dynamics joint venture for the production system HM8. Due to heavy workload on programmke OICW, Heckler & Koch has decided not to participate in the competition to develop an assault rifle SCAR, Special Operations Command announced the U.S. (USSOCOM) in October 2003 Later, when the programm OICW was closed, the decision management company recognized its own strategic mistake. In the period of 2000-2002. the company also made an order for the modernization of the British assault rifles SA80/L85A1, enjoy a very bad reputation in the army, for which it is an instrument in 1997 was excluded from the official list of assault rifles, recommended for use in the armies of NATO member states. After modernization, coupled with the substitution of a number of structural parts, reliable rifle received the name L85A2, has significantly increased, and the flow of her prirekany adresok markedly decreased. Although not lose skoplenny experience and the available generation, the company Heckler & Koch without the help of others to continue to build tools that would come to replace the M4 carbine and M16. Initially, the project even got NKM4 title. But after the company filed Colt Defense firm Heckler & Koch sued for infringement of the product brand, from this name had to abandon, and the brand new weapon was given the name NK416 (which can be read as 4 and 16). The main difference from the M16/M4 NK416 is that in the modern system used by popular rifle G36 NC scheme with non-long gas piston stroke is not so exposed to pollution and more than reliable than smooth vapor circuit systems M16/M4. Barrel, manufactured way cool forging out very strong and it provides high accuracy of fire. Forend made easy detachable for easy cleaning and adjustment, partial disassembly and assembly tools in a matter of minute.

Carbine NK416 is a modular system in four variants, depending on the length of the barrel:

• D10RS-barrel 267 mm (10.5 inches)

• D145RS — barrel 368 mm (14.5 inches)

• D165RS — barrel 419 mm (16.5 inches)

• D20RS — barrel 508 mm (20 inches)

In the final step of development, carbine NK416 has attracted attention for some elite units of the U.S. Army Special Forces, in what appeared difficulties with the introduction of regular M4 carbines in challenging criteria Afghanistan. In 2004, the first of several hundred rifles were bought for the 1st operational group of special purpose «Delta» (1-st Special Forces Operational Detachment — Delta). According to reports, the carabiner NK416 gave their preference and some other parts of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC — Joint Special Operations Command), Counter-Terrorism Group conducting asymmetric warfare (Asymmetric Warfare Group) and the team number 6 commando unit «sea lion» Navy. He also goes to fielded units riot police. Carbine NK416 was shown at an exhibition MILIPOL 2005 (November 22-25, 2005, Paris), which indicates that the company intends Heckler & Koch to bring it to the European market.

At the end of 2006 were carried out final tests and preparation for mass production assault rifle NK417 7.62? 51 mm NATO, than ended with the formation of a new family of small guns office Heckler & Koch. In rifle NK417 used the same type of automation and other constructive solutions that and carbine NK416. Modular system tools presented in 3 versions:

NK417 12 «Assaulter» (Assault version)

• Length: 814.5 mm and 875 mm (stock closed / decomposed)

• Barrel length: 305 mm (12 inches)

• Weight (without sight and magazine): 3.8 kg

NK417 16 «Recce» (reconnaissance version)

• Length: 916.9 mm and 996.7 mm (stock closed / decomposed)

• Barrel length: 406.4 mm (16 inches)

• Weight (without sight and store): 4.06 kg

NK417 20 «Sniper» (sniper version)

• Length: 1018.5 mm and 1178 mm (stock closed / decomposed)

• Barrel length: 787.4 mm (20 inches)

• Weight (without sight and store): 4.24 kg

All barrels are threaded NK417 for attaching silencers, flame arresters and compensators. Substitution trunk is less than two minutes, with the introduction of common tools. NK417 regular shops are translucent polymer or iron (iron or dural) box mag 5 and 20 cartridges, as drum-type magazine for 50 rounds.
System NK416/417 foreseen introduction grenade launcher AG-German production NK416 and South American grenade US M320, also developed by Heckler & Koch.

This system for kutsee time acquired many followers in the military and professional circles, whose views on the carbine NK416 is currently being in the best possible world-class instrument itself, which combines within itself the appeal and convenience of accuracy M4 carbine and known reliability of the AK-47.

Barrett M468 rifle

The emergence of new systems of small guns FN SCAR L / H and NK416/417 gave new impetus has long been waged in the U.S. debate on the urgent substitution M16/M4 family of small weapons to more advanced standards. Among those who intensively conducting the idea of ​​the need for speedy adoption of new models of small army guns applies magazine «Army Times». Facilities magazine of February 21, 2007 posted an article in which are dramatic episodes of death and capture American soldier in Afghanistan and Iraq, because at the most crucial moments of battle they appeared naked on a sudden failure M4 carbines. This article provoked a sharp reaction from officials who accused the maker publication unpatriotic, undermining morale and soldier attempts to sow distrust in what the command is doing everything in order to engaged in combat operations soldiers were armed and equipped in the best way. But in combat units with annoyance perceived need advice painstaking care instrument associated with the daily cleaning and lubrication carbines, citing the fact that the military situation is often unpredictable and time for regular maintenance tools are simply not enough. Naturally, modern assault rifles and carbines M4A1 M16A4 differ significantly in the direction of the best tools on the early 60s of the last century, which strolled such reviews «M16 rifle is a deadly weapon. It is especially safe for those who use it. » But just to eliminate «birth trauma» of guns and failed. Used automatic vapor creates conditions for sedimentation of sludge and debris devices rifle that promotes the emergence of failures, first, because of jamming fired cartridge in the chamber. In the conditions of dusty air is very vulnerable and are shops, pollution violated regular supply of cartridges when shooting.
Recognizing these shortcomings, the command of the U.S. Army, though, does not see grounds for immediate substitution of small tools available on the new standards. New systems are tools of their own essence improved and upgraded M4 carbine variations. Specialists of the company Heckler & Koch even specifically highlight this event, presenting it as an advantage NK416/417 samples. In their opinion, the personnel will not have to retrain specifically to implement the new system. When similar to M4 ergonomics, rather just use motor memory, and a fighter fails to normally treat the other instrument. But in the army dominates another world: a large-scale re-start will be possible only when there will be entirely new in design and technological standards regarding small guns, because the determining factor is the approach that is not subject to review by the standards of guns made by known design patterns and technologies. Wait for a new high-quality breakthrough in the development of small guns should be after 2010, and while the army wants to use and improve the armament rifles and assault rifles M16/M4 family. Soon there were reports that the company Colt Defense, the main supplier of assault rifles for the army, working on building layout rifle M5 having automatic with gas piston.

In military circles with a certain dissatisfaction with perceived «amateur» Special Operations Command and other security agencies that decide to go their own way, and purchasing systems such as the FN SCAR L / H and NK416/417. Regarding the latter, there is a general belief that they can not be used simply because they have not passed all the official cycle, not counting industrial tests. On the other hand, in the military agree that the special-purpose may allow for a more higher flexibility when purchasing guns, as their one-time orders come, usually beyond the boundaries of several hundred or several thousand units of guns. So, the first confirmed order for the supply of assault rifles FN SCAR, is considered very large, involves the transfer of the customer 20 thousand rifles. As for the immediate plans of the army, the army continues to buy M4 carbines.

FN SCAR assault rifle

And the company Heckler & Koch had a great chance to establish industrial production newest assault rifle. Middle of April 2008 year in Norway, it was decided to re-army rifle NK416. It will change the armament of the Norwegian army in 1966 assault rifle AG-3, which is one of the options G-3 rifles manufactured by Heckler & Koch. A similar decision regarding rifle NK416, it is entirely possible to be made in the not to distant future and in Denmark.

Assault rifles AR15/M16 family service and civilian mission has long become an important element of American culture weapons. They are engaged in the creation of 10 matches from different companies, the main of which are Armalite, Bushmaster, Colt Manufacturing Company, DPMS Panther Arms, Les Baer Custom, Olympic Arms, Rock River Arms, Smith & Wesson, STAG ARMS and many others. Practiced by a lot of companies in the manufacture of various components, parts and accessories to the rifle, fitting them for personal orders.

At times the product of individual companies are the focus of the public arms, they say a lot about them, write, try to predict their future. So it was with a tactical carbine M468, which the company showed Barret in 2004 initially appeared on the market the upper unit of the receiver under special caliber cartridge 6.8? 43 mm, intended for installation on a type M16 assault rifles, and then independent carbine Barret M468 -A1. According to some reports, he has attracted some attention for themselves the power structures, but because of the highest price of the product (plug-in receiver — $ 1,400, rifle assembly — $ 2,400) that enthusiasm remained unrealized. For comparison, the price of the M4 carbines or NK416, depending on the configuration, ranging from 800 to 1400 dollars in the current time M468 is offered as a hunting rifle for the extraction of a large animal.
A year later, an arms company vividly reacted to the emergence of a modular system of small production company implements XCR Robinson Armament Co. The company participated in the tender for the development of SCAR, have reached the end, losing the championship of FNH. Lose the American branch of the Belgian company was perceived by many fans of small guns quite painful, they considered it unfair and eager to personally conduct comparative tests of these 2-sample instruments. Civilian standards modular carbine Robinson XCR 5.56? 45 mm, 6.8? 43 mm and 7.62? 39 mm already commercially available. But the comparative tests will have to wait because the company Fabrique Nationale Herstal promises to enter the commercial market with automatic (semi-automatic) carbine FN SCAR until early 2010 is interesting to note that the company Robinson Armament Co. imports and sells Russian autoloading hunting rifles «Boar» production of Vyatskie Polyansky Machine Works «The Hammer», for which the United States was fixed definition of «Cadillac of Kalashnikovs.»
The exhibition SHOT Show 2007 a great success fell to the lot next premiere, adaptive combat weapon system (ACWS — Adaptive Combat Weapon System) manufactured by Magpul Military Industries. This small private company in 1999 made last serzhantrazvedchik Marine Richard Fitzpatrick. Until nedavneshnego time Magpul company engaged only in the creation of units and components for different systems of small guns, had the experience of roles in other projects, for example, partnered with Transformational Defense Industries (TDI) in the development of experimental submachine gun Kriss Super-V .45. A new benchmark has been called Masada, was the first experience of Magpul in developing its system of small guns. System Concept Magpul Masada, presented in the current time only layout coming gun recognized a lot of spices very promising, fully capable of finding its own consumer market as a combat and service and civilian weapons, surpassing it many recognizable manufacturers. Base for the development of this system was taken AR18/AR180 platform assault rifle manufactured by Armalite, which first 60s. last century to compete with the M16 rifle, adopted, ultimately, by the U.S. Army. The design of the new system is also seen in touch with M16 assault rifles, AR15 and HM8. Magpul Masada rifle incorporated many features of its own famous rivals. In appearance it is similar to the system FN SCAR, but as far as the type of automation, it is close to NK416/417. Distinctive features of the new system are telescopic, folding butt its design and unique locking system interchangeable barrels, allowing less than two minutes to set different length and caliber of the barrel without the use of special tools. Currently, modular system implies the implementation of ammunition three calibers: 5.56mm NATO, 6,8 mm and 5,45 mm SPC M74. In the future, maybe, there will be options for the cartridges of 7.62 mm and 7.62 mm NATO M43, but it will claim to make additional structural configurations in the upper unit of the receiver. The system provides for the introduction Masada 6 trunks of varying length, mm: 267, 292, 368, 406, 457 and 508.

The exhibition was shown by a model of guns, being on the pre-production stage. His complete finishing, tests and preparation for serial production company has already graduated.

Rifle Magpul Masada

Example office Magpul Military Industries and the overall development of the situation in the South American market of small guns indicates that more and more, both large and small companies involved in weapons work to upgrade existing models of assault rifles. That, in turn, has a constantly growing pressure on the position of the army command, unwilling to support such efforts. Numerous trials involve the army in the modernization process of the rifle M4/M4A1 by different weapon companies until constrained by only one factor. Under the current agreement between the U.S. military and now Colt, this company is the official supplier of the M4 carbines for the army, which are made in accordance with military standards and terms of reference issued by the Pentagon company. Monopoly on the creation of weapons retained by Colt until 2008 inclusive, after this period, it will have to pass a package of technical criterion of at least some other company with the intention to focus on creating the M4 carbines, including their modernization. And although the author’s right of Colt M4 carbine on will remain in force until 2012 that obliges other companies do in this period deductions for manufactured goods in favor of Colt in the form of royalties, gain a competitive struggle for military contracts for the supply of small guns apparently just begun . These criteria will be the army more and more difficult to defend its position refusal of adopting a modernized version of the existing samples in favor of a fundamentally new systems, especially if the design of such systems will be delayed as before. One way or another, but the time for a truly new instrument in the XXI. still does not seem to come.

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