Examination of the body Bebenina: Died as a result of asfiksii

Examination of the body of journalist site "Charter 97" Oleg Bebenina revealed that he died as a result of strangulation. The police have already made a preliminary finding of suicide journalist, what doubt zhurnalistavy colleagues.

A memorial service will be held on Oleg Bebenina September 6 from 14 to 15 hours in Minsk in the Hall of funeral services outside Olszewski, 12. The funeral will take place on September 6 in the East (Moscow) cemetery of the capital.

Body Oleg Bebenina was found in his summer cottage in the village Perkhurovo Dzerzhinsky district on September 3 in the evening. As to the exact time — the discrepancy. Here is what the editor of "Charter 97" Natalia Radin yesterday, three hours after his wife's sister Bebenina found a journalist in the loop:

"I know that you have found today at 17:30 at his dacha near Minsk. More details are not know. "

Today, September 4, in an interview with BelaPAN press officer of the Minsk regional police Alexander Danil'chenko reported that the body was found and19 minutes hours. The circumstances to the policeman said:

"Byabenin was found on a makeshift noose attached to a flight of stairs that led to the second floor. Nearby lay a stool. "

According to the policeman in the house found two empty bottles of liquor "Belarusian balm." Signs of a struggle, as well as external injuries on the body was found. Did not find the police and a suicide note. Team of investigators who was checking the incident, interviewed neighbors who said they had not seen in the country Bebenina others. "Suicide" — a preliminary conclusion was made by the police and reported it to the media. This was before the examination was over the body of Oleg Bebenina. As for the prosecutor's office, there is no hurry with conclusions.

In the middle of the day Dzerzhinsky District Attorney Sergei Kovriga so replied to my request for comment on the incident:

"Yes, was found in the loop, but still no results anatamavannya, is being conducted. Examination will end after 16 hours. "

After 3 hours, the prosecutor said Sergei Kovriga result of examination: asfiksii died from asphyxiation as a result of hanging on a loop. Time of death, the prosecutor did not name, citing the fact that he has before him a document. The presence or absence of alcohol in the blood to detect additional chemical examination in about 2 weeks.

On the body found no signs of damage, other than strangulation furrow.

Kovriga"The basic version — suicide. On the body found no signs of damage, other than strangulation furrow. "

Colleagues and friends of Oleg Bebenina have expressed doubts about the version of the police in relation to suicide. The head of "Evrapeykay Belarus" Andrei Sannikov said against this version is how behaved Oleg Bebenin day before he was full of plans, recently returned from a holiday in Greece, behaved as usual on Friday was scheduled a meeting with him — Bebenin by Sannikov, was an active member of staff a possible candidate for the presidency. The suspect said Andrei Sannikov and what was not found a suicide note Bebenina which politician called a very responsible person.

Reporter"You were in the country where it all happened. Are there any circumstances of the accident, which would have imposed on the suspect? "

Sannikov"Yes, but at the request of relatives I did not comment."

Andrei Sannikov does not believe in a version of the alcohol or family problems that are usually considered by police as potential causes of suicides during inspections. According to Andrei Sannikov Oleg Bebenin not abused alcohol and did not complain about the situation in the family. The journalist was very fond of her sons, especially smaller:

"He was in awe of his son, who was to him really light in the window."

Colleagues of the site "Charter 97" Natalia Radin I asked, speaking recently Oleg Bebenin about attention to it or harassment by the security services?

"I only know that the pressure on the site and he was always there. Probably from him lately something that I had not heard, but nothing can be ruled out. "

According to relatives of Oleg Bebenina probably his funeral will take place on Monday, September 6.

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