Experienced drone Chibis pass certification tests

Moscow. July 5. Airports — An unmanned aerial complex intelligence, surveillance and monitoring with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) "Chibis" Development JSC "Scientific-Production Center" Company "NELK" going through a certification test, said, "AviaPort" assistant executive director Nicholas Panasenko.

According to him, the certification of UAVs "Chibis" held in order to obtain a certificate of airworthiness. Certificate are expected in 2012.

UAV "Chibis" in the long term should be part of the complex "spectrum", which, in particular, will include a UAV helicopter and aircraft type ("Lapwing"). The purpose of the complex "spectrum" — evaluation of the object of protection and resistance technical reconnaissance of the enemy. State testing complex "spectrum" will start a little later added N.Panasenko.

Currently, state tests are conducted complex "Corvette", which includes a multicopter. "Complex" Corvette "is designed for the control of information channels — for the detection and identification of information leakage, security assessment, radiation control, that is, almost all types of control," — said N.Panasenko.

According to him, the Ministry of Defence has already delivered two sets of "Corvette" with multicopter who pass state tests and their completion in the current year.

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