F-35 hit another their development milestones

F-35 hit another their development milestones
June 5 fighter F-35A with the ordinary takeoff and landing (for the Air Force version) for the first time launched SD AIM-120 AMRAAM class «air-air» over the sea polygon Mugu, reports ASDNews June 7.
The test was conducted as part of the testing unit software Block 2B. Aircraft F-35A reached the significant progress, including their start pilot training based Eglin (FL), delivery of the first test of combat aircraft to bases Edwards and Nellis (Nevada), the first in-flight refueling and flights at huge angles of attack.
«These facts testify to the success of the entire military industry. Thousands of people to work and thousands of hours to get to the point where we currently are. Fiction was to look like all of our efforts paid off. In the coming months we will test new tools to enhance the combat capability of the aircraft, «said Lieutenant Colonel, Director of applets embedded test F-35 George» Boxer «Schwartz (George« Boxer »Schwartz), aircraft can carry a combat load weight up to 18,000 pounds (about 9 m) on 10 hardpoints, including 4 internal. Internal accommodation tools designed to minimize radar signature fighter, if need be, the aircraft will carry a weapon on external hardpoints.
U.S. Air Force plans to achieve initial operational capability F-35A in December 2016. To this date will be created the first drill squadron consisting needless little of 12 aircraft.
«We had spent years, that the aircraft could carry a weapon in the inner compartments and run it because it was intended. This event is the result of tremendous efforts, the successful launch of AIM-120 marks a turning point in increasing the combat potential of the aircraft, «said the director of programs from the F-35 gun Charlie Wagner (Charlie Wagner). Fighters F-35 fighter jets will change the A-10 and F-16 (Air Force), F/A-18 (Navy aviation) and AV-8B Harrier (Aviation Marine Corps) will also be delivered in a number of allied countries.

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