Fabian hole in Sweden is even more

Huge pit in Sweden, the existence of which was discovered March 20, 2012, continues to grow. Originally "Fabian hole" located in Gällivare 75 kilometers from Kiruna was the 150 meters in height and width.

It came after a portion of the iron mine "Malmaberget" collapsed. Local residents are particularly concerned about tremors in the "Fabian hole" that can last up to 45 minutes. Most tremors are accompanied by a loud noise.

It is believed that the collapse was due to intense activity at the mine. Although no one was hurt, but the work continues, the local residents are in fear: the sound coming out of the pit, like the noise of flying over the roof of the house the plane, and the seismic activity resembles a powerful volcanic eruption. However, people, especially those living near the pit, most frightening constant expansion "Fabian hole" approaching their homes.

"Malmaberget" is known as a major iron ore mine company LKAB. Iron mining began in 1741, and the first train, transport the ore, was held in 1888. After this northern Lapland region began to flourish, which can be compared with the period of the gold rush in the United States.

Photos: messagetoeagle.com; redicecreations.com

Source: ecowars.tv.

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