Fakes in medicine: the fraudsters coffin of our health

Everyone knows, theft and "piracy" — a crime. But here's the paradox: many of our fellow citizens think differently. A few years ago, sociologists conducted a public opinion poll which showed that 38% of Russians do not just tolerate falsification of goods, but also regularly and knowingly buying fakes. All because of a banal greed. Some are even willing to show off their "thrift": say, the company store Swiss watches are expensive, and I bought in the market such as China is ten times cheaper.

When it comes to fake watches, cell phones or jeans, the buyer's risk is too great: in the worst case have to remember the wisdom of the people "miser pays twice." However, there are times when the use of counterfeits can cost a man dearly. When you buy counterfeit drugs, using fake medical goods and services, we end up paying their own health.

Drugs that do not cure

A few years ago there was a scandal in Brazil's history. Hundreds of women taking oral contraceptives regularly known German firm, unexpectedly found that pregnant. Trial began, samples of the ill-fated tablet taken to the laboratory for examination. The results showed that the tablets were forged — mixture of powdered flour and chalk.

Code under the guise of medicine we sell useless "dummy" — it's not so bad, though even "harmless" fake heart or asthma medications for the patient can end tragically. However, there are cases when a fake pill contains components that pose a serious threat to the health of patients.

The World Health Organization has sounded the alarm: it is estimated that today more than 10% of all drugs sold worldwide are fakes. And this figure is expected to grow over time, because from the point of view of profitability of the market of counterfeit drugs is on the third place after the sale of weapons and drugs.

The good news: soon in Russia the problem of counterfeit drugs will be engaged in end to end — at the end of 2010 to the State Duma introduced a bill providing for tougher criminal penalties for the production and distribution of counterfeit medicines. If the project is approved, the fraudsters medical counterfeiters will threaten not soft penalties, as now, and up to 15 years in prison.

Proprietary techniques — without the author

In order to develop a new and effective way of dealing with the disease, it takes years of hard work. However, as a result of these efforts are born revolutionary own methods, which have the unique effectiveness. Of course, when these developments are beginning to be used in clinical practice, they are quickly becoming popular with patients … and scams. Fans of easy money are beginning to forge another technique to lure to his unsuspecting customers. At best, the treatment does not work, at worst — can seriously damage health.

Just such a thing happened to the treatment of obesity Golden Needle®, which was developed by Dr. Medical Sciences Mariyat Mukhina. For more than a decade, grown thin patients of Dr. Fly enthusiastically tell a friend about the effectiveness of the method of Golden Needle®. And almost as much time holder of patents and trademarks, the Swiss company Frey Medical Technologies AG has been fighting the counterfeiters.

The essence of the author's technique of Dr. Vera Mukhina is that special biologically active points on the ear attached special medical instrument (in appearance resembles an earring). Indirectly influencing the excitability of the centers of appetite at the hypothalamic, it activates fat breakdown processes and revitalizes the entire body. Due to the long-term effects of acupuncture in humans formed the correct stereotype of metabolism and normal habit of healthy eating. As demonstrated by a medical practice, the effectiveness of the method is 95%.

Of course, the success of the Golden Needle® Dr. Fly has not gone unnoticed by amateurs easy money. Across the country, dozens of commercial medical centers have begun to enter the price list a new service — the installation of "earrings for weight loss." Many did not hesitate to write in advertisements that establish "golden needle", although the method of treating obesity Golden Needle® patented, and in Russia this service have the right to provide a network of clinics Origiteya®, where he worked and trained doctor Mukhina its experts.

Comment Mariyat Fly:

"You see, it's not just copyright infringement. I am very worried because of the health of people. We must understand that the people who believed in the efficacy of my method, into the hands of crooks and risk their health. After all, those who forge technique Golden Needle®, not our know-how is not our experience, it is not our equipment, but only a desire to cash. One patient came to me in tears. She was disguised as the Golden Needle® (I will not name, in which clinic) put an earring in the wrong spot. She went out into the street and almost immediately felt a severe headache. Came back for a consultation, and it was kicked at the door, they say, the reception is over. It was necessary to correct the mistakes of others. "

Find the 6 differences

For many years, patentees methodology Golden Needle® sue counterfeiters. After several injunctions many commercial clinics have stopped watching fake method, but the most brazen crooks just switched tactics. For example, a Moscow clinic, which after a trial forbidden to use the method of Golden Needle®, began offering customers losing weight with the help of some "Needles of a doctor." Unlike Dr. Mariyat Mukhina, a mysterious doctor …. — A fictional advertising character, and it has a needle, to put it mildly, questionable efficacy.

Comment Mariyat Fly:

"The fact is that in the original Golden Needle® used special locks that connect the two acupuncture points on the ear. Needles some clinics — a primitive lever, which locks clamped without a single point. Imagine how much you need to squeeze this bracket so that it was fixed on the ear. And with this, the so-called "needle" a man walks for months. One day, we were approached by a patient with a terrible edema: its pinna was very long clamped bracket — disrupted circulation, began necrosis. With its hard to cure. So once again appeal to all: Avoid crooks! ".

How to distinguish the scams that are being counterfeited technique Dr. Fly?

  1. You are guaranteed that within a month without any diet you will drop more than 10 pounds. You do not sign a contract and informed consent, and if there is the appearance of the contract for the provision of medical services, then it is not spelled out what kind of service is provided to and by what method.
  2. The technique itself is cheap (say, a few thousand), but it included thousands of additional procedures by 40.
  3. Office in which you are going to put a needle is not equipped with a reflexology (sterile white lab coats for doctors, disposable gloves). There are cases receiving acupuncture-counterfeiting service even in solariums in inappropriate conditions.
  4. You are told that their method is quite like Mukhina, only better and cheaper.
  5. Those who propose to lose weight "on the needle", no license and certificate for the same needle as a medical device.
  6. And most importantly, in the Russian method of Golden Needle® used only in hospitals Origiteya®. If the clinic is called differently — it's crooks.

The number of "pirates" of medicine is constantly growing,
so we need to be vigilant not only in pharmacies but also in the medical centers. This is the case when it is better to be safe than risk their own health. Forewarned — forearmed.

Source: Clinic ORIGITEYA ®


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