Falklands will be strengthened military group in England

Falklands will be strengthened military group UK

David Cameron, Prime Minister England, approved a plan to strengthen the Falkland Islands military group. Argentina currently being disputed sovereignty of the Falkland Islands, reports The Times.

According to Cameron, one should not hesitate in London determined to defend their rights in this archipelago, especially on the eve of the 30th anniversary of the war for him, in what country won.

In addition it is planned that on the island in March 2012, will leave the Prince William, for duty as a pilot of a rescue helicopter. British authorities believe that this mission will calm the local population and will give him the assurance that Britain would come to their aid in any way.

Also, even at this point in the archipelago are located hundreds of soldiers, modern fighter Typhoon, a radar tracking station, also deployed air defense forces. In the sea off Falkland Islands constantly on duty warships and (possibly) — nuclear submarine.

Cameron also criticized the position of Argentina for Britain's refusal to recognize the ownership of islands. There's this archipelago call the Malvinas. According to the premier, Buenos Aires behaving like a "colonial power", which aims to capture new areas, even against the wishes of local residents.

Buenos Aires to that statement has already reacted. With all of this Argentine authorities said that out of the mouth of the English word "colonialism" sound particularly offensive because "history shows excellent attitude England to the whole world. "

Causes of speech Cameron was not only the approaching anniversary of the war in 1982, and the new sample to the Latin American Union of Argentina, who would not let her in the water vessels bound with Falkland islands.

At the same time, the Ministry of Defence of England said The Times, that in the event of hostilities in the South Atlantic deployment of additional troops will be due to difficulties associated with the continued decline in the navy and the army. Namely, already retired fighters vertical takeoff Harrier, which played a decisive role in the victory over Argentina.

Military 1982 conflict began in April with a landing on the islands of Argentine troops. They are for small clearance time were able to take control of the whole archipelago, but came to the rescue expedition corps England knocked them to the mainland. War ended in victory for the British in the middle of summer. In the process of fighting side lost several ships, the loss in manpower amounted to 652 people with the Argentine side and 225 — with English.

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