Features of waste in the desert

Dubai can boast of excellent results in the treatment of waste. Reincarnated 20 years ago from a dusty port to a modern metropolis, the city cares little about its ecology, as all concentrated on work and money matters.

If you drive through the longest road in the UAE, Sheikh Zayed road, the neighboring emirate of Sharjah, this will be a real torture for your nose. Not only the nearby desert, but also the road littered with rotting garbage, singling out a fresh batch of methane directly into the atmosphere. Fortunately, Dubai obsessed with the problem of waste. It all started with the supermarket chain Spinneys, whose owners have installed a few years ago at the output bins for different types of recyclable materials. Other stores followed suit, and also started separately collect paper, glass and plastic.

But for the residents of Dubai is also important to engage in sorting garbage at home, and later to bring his twin baskets near supermarkets. Because of a long day it is not always possible for expats to understand something in the system processing, assimilated back in their home country. For indigenous peoples, such a useful ecological habit altogether is at the initial stage of learning.

Trash cans on the streets of Dubai.

To change the situation, the administration of Dubai launched in February 2012, a pilot project to install nearly 4 thousand special bins in homes Emirati families. After 2030, the city plans to reach zero waste. In addition, specialists in processing free to come home and teach family and servants, how to sort.

Was difficult to make the owners of private companies to join the program of recycling. For this it was necessary to introduce special penalties and required monthly progress report. These strict measures are essential for the country as soon as in 2011, the volume of landfills each supplemented with new 8 thousand tons of waste, that is 3 kg per person. So far, 90% of the waste does not reach the stage of processing, which is very unfortunate.

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