Fiji recovery after floods

Officials responsible for restoring Fiji after a disaster, said they are considering various options for placing evacuees are not excluded even tents. All this is to open on Tuesday over the school.

Only 12,000 people are still in evacuation centers, most of which are the schools.

Colonel Inia Seruiratu said that, despite the fact that they want to open a school, they will not force people to return to homes that are not safe to live in them. Understanding the needs of people in the desire for security, the government is looking for ways to meet this need.

Also being established to work with the Ministry of Health to fully inspect the house for various viruses and bacteria, in order to avoid disease outbreaks.

Many businesses, the lack of insurance, will have to start a business from scratch. On Monday, keen to revive its business to meet with government officials to find a way out of this situation. Virtually 100% of shopping malls and stores have lost everything — stocks, equipment, and so on.

The government also encourages people's desire to move out of areas that are most vulnerable to the possibility of flooding in safer areas.

According Krupesh Patel original problem is the resettlement of people, the next step will be to provide assistance to school supplies for the children.


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