Filipino about. Mindanao was another flood

Philippines recorded in its history another flood, which at this time was in the interior province of South Agusan region Karaga on about. Mindanao. There is evidence that at the time of the disaster drowned one 4-year-old child. After the rains, the ruling in the province for about a week, affected 49,073 Filipinos and 10,599 families from more than 45 villages.

Filipino about.  Mindanao was another flood

As of 26 February, in the municipality of Veruela number of flooded villages was the highest (12 villages and 12,125 people) compared to other areas of Southern Agusan. The second account is San Luis, where the water affected 11 villages, but many more people (19 577) have difficulties after risen water. The top three "leaders" closes the municipality of Santa Joseph, where 10 villages were flooded and 1,500 people identified themselves as victims.
In three municipalities, including Santa Joseph, Veruelu and Esperanza, as in many others, the rise of water is very badly affected agricultural crops, especially rice. Total area lost harvest was approximately 1,330 acres.
It should be noted that the management of some municipalities promptly reacted to the situation and has started deliveries of humanitarian kits to affected families, including ration rice, canned fish and noodles. A competent structures continue to count the material losses for the flooded region.

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