Fingerprints. Selection of articles


In Russia, the order came into force the Interior Ministry, which determines the order of voluntary surrender of fingerprints

In Belgorod voluntary fingerprinting with the beginning of the year has already passed more than 500 people
Future journalists Udmurtia daktiloskopiruyut
Omsk voluntarily offered to be fingerprinted
About a thousand of Novgorod voluntarily surrendered fingerprints
In Karaganda region forced the students to be fingerprinted
From April 21 to begin military service in Belarus to be fingerprinted
Volgograd voluntarily offered to be fingerprinted
Omsk school counted on fingerprints. Video
In schools of Latvia by fingerprints. Video
In the Tver region 500 people passed the fingerprint
In Colombia handed fingerprints — get a lottery ticket

The Moscow homeless fingerprints on the streets # ixzz28V8I0qCg
The Parliament of Ukraine has introduced biometric passports
Chelyabinsk students will get to the hostel by fingerprints

In Belgorod schools will be allowed to fingerprint
In Udmurtia and Novosibirsk will enter the school by fingerprints
In school, the fingerprint in Moscow and Vladimir. Video
Chelyabinsk school converted into secure facilities Entrance through the turnstile, lunch on the cards
Izhevsk school students will be allowed to class fingerprint
Novgorod school children on his hands cling bracelets that would go to school
In Yekaterinburg, students pay for lunch fingerprint. Video
The police called Krasnoyarsk voluntarily make fingerprints.
Indian authorities to distribute the poor identification numbers. Video

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