First aid for angina


What if you started attack?

If the chest pain started during exercise, it is necessary to immediately stop (usually it happens by itself.) Next, you need to sit or lie down and take comfortable position. Undo constraining clothes, ask around to open the window (if followed by a minus 40). It is very important during the attack remain calm.
If your doctor prescribed some medicine for the removal of an attack (Isoketum, Nitromintum), you should take him first to the minimum dose. If no effect after 5 minutes, you can take it again. Do not immediately start with high doses, it can be addictive.

When you need to call an ambulance help?

Ambulance definitely need in the event that if attack lasts for more than 10 minutes and passes from nitroglycerin or pain was accompanied by a new and unusual symptoms (hands to the jaw, neck, unusually strong, etc.). In this case, the probability is high that the angina began to progress and need to be hospitalized in the hospital.
Also, emergency call is necessary if there is an attack of chest pain in humans for the first time in my life.

What to do before the arrival of the doctor?

Before the arrival of an ambulance is necessary to help the patient to take such a position of the body, which he deems convenient. Unbutton the collar of clothes, give fresh air (open). Perfectly safe can be given under the tongue one-quarter of aspirin, and 20 drops korvalola in half a glass of water.

When giving nitroglycerin?

With nitroglycerin better not be joking! You can give it to the man only if you are sure that the pain is caused by problems with the heart. Nitroglycerin has numerous side effects, the most significant of which — a sharp drop in pressure. In no case should not be given nitroglycerine a man in a swoon and unconscious.

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