First aid for hypothermia


First aid for hypothermia

  • and stay warm
  • do not ignore it, do not try to put the squeeze on, do not make a last effort to reach
  • remove damaging factors — in the home, in a tent, in a sleeping bag, a jacket together …
  • slow to warm (not hot in the bath!)
  • warm sleeping bag, warm sweet drink and food.
  • if unconscious — to put a hot or warm the body, a person must be in the recovery position — on his side. Call an ambulance.

Signs and symptoms

  • intense shivering
  • loss of coordination
  • difficulty speaking
  • mood swings, irritability, changes in apathy
  • slowing of movement, a rare breathing, weak pulse
  • loss of consciousness

What NOT to do

  • do not rub the affected limb
  • do not force him to move vigorously
  • do not drink alcohol (it causes a loss of heat, and may lead to the re hypothermia)
  • do not put the victim into a hot tub and use heating pads

What to do next

Monitor the condition of the victim at least 6-12 Hours. In case of deterioration of the patient to deliver to the doctor. If you can not move on their own — to call an ambulance.

Risk factors for hypothermia

  • the temperature is below 15 C
  • wind
  • fatigue
  • hunger
  • wet clothes
  • elderly people weakened by illness or


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