First aid for injury

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In the case of an open fracture, first treat the injury as a wound, then as an injury.

Since we are not X-ray uncle, then a fracture, sprains, strains, bruises and m n treat as a fracture.


  • Rule Zyu letters. It is necessary to fix the position in which the deformed limb.
  • Tire applied so to fix the joint before and after fracture.
  • The materials at hand foam, cardboard, creating a kind of boxes, empty seats are hammering rags.
  • We fix the fracture plane.
  • Not reduce a dislocation of, treat as a fracture.
  • Maybe more blood loss.
  • To reduce the pain you need to make cold (actually the first 6 hours after injury, then — no longer needed). Chill 15 minutes to put on, take off for 5 minutes and put another 15 minutes if the pain gets worse. The ice on the naked body is not put — wrapped in a rag.

Signs and symptoms

  • pain
  • tumor
  • unnatural position of the limb
  • blood
  • violation of mobility

What NOT to do

  • do not try to give the limb natural position

What to do next

  • deliver the victim to a doctor
  • if you can not move on their own — call the "fast"


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