First aid for shock

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Any first aid includes anti-shock measures:

  • calm, if in the minds of
  • warm — a blanket, warm clothing (even in summer, a person gets cold)
  • lay on your back and lift your feet (if you do not mind and head injuries, neck and spine)
  • give a warm sweet drink
  • monitor the status of

Signs and symptoms of shock

Phase 1 — excitement

  • face red
  • patient is torn
  • screams, swears
  • pulse full, 80-90
  • breathing rapid, profound
  • an inadequate response

Phase 2 — Braking

  • pale face sharply
  • nasolabial triangle blue
  • chills
  • lethargy, drowsiness
  • lack of movement
  • Skin cold extremities
  • weak pulse
  • breathing is shallow
  • an inadequate response

The first phase shock reversible. If shock in the braking phase, we urgently need a doctor and medicines.

What NOT to do

Give nothing to drink, if

  • serious head injury
  • heart aches
  • penetrating wound of the abdomen (otherwise give a warm drink)
  • suspected internal bleeding.

What to do next

Deliver the patient to the doctor. If you can not move on their own — call "fast".


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