First aid for thermal burns

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  • remove striking factor!
  • cool the burn 1 and 2 degree — cool tap water 10-15 Minutes, 3 and 4 — net moist dressing, then cool off with a bandage in standing water
  • close wet bandages
  • peace and anti-shock measures

Signs and symptoms

  • pain
  • redness of the skin — 1 degree
  • blisters — Grade 2
  • wound — the blisters burst — Grade 3
  • charring and the lack of sensitivity — Grade 4

1 hand = 1% of the affected body


Burn the airway is assumed to be 30% burns 1 —second degree

What NOT to do

  • Do not apply oil, cream, ointment, protein and m n or apply foam (panthenol) to the newly burned area
  • not adhering to tear clothing.
  • Do not pierce the bubbles.
  • do not urinate (write) on the burn

What to do next

  • Remove all items from the burned area of the body: clothing, belt, watches, rings and other things. Stuck around to cut clothing, can not be separated from the burn.

Call the "fast" if:

  • area burned more than 5 palms affected
  • burn a child or an elderly person
  • burn 3 —her degree
  • burned groin
  • burned his mouth, nose, head, respiratory tract
  • burned two limbs


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