First aid in case of foreign bodies, and eye injuries

First aid in case of foreign bodies.  Photo from

When damage to the eye or age required quick action.

Incised wounds or eyes century

Cover the injured eye clean seal (eg, a folded handkerchief) and loosely secure it with a bandage. Cover the other eye to stop the movement of the eyeball. Call for medical help.

Blows to the eye

Provide first help, as is the case with cut wounds, but instead of a dry bandage put on a cold compress damaged eye.

Contact corrosive chemicals in the eye

If your eye splashes any corrosive chemicals (such as detergent or cleaner), immediately rinse them with plenty of cold running water. Tilt your head so that the damaged eye was at the bottom and the water was flowing from the nose outwards. Spread the eyelids with his fingers. When the last traces of the chemical are removed, lightly cover with a clean eye liner and get medical attention.

Foreign body in the eye

Never try to remove yourself from the eyes of the following items:

  • particle is embedded in the eyeball;
  • metal shavings;
  • piece, located in the iris.

In all these cases, close both eyes, as recommended by the eye injury or age, and seek medical help.

Other foreign objects (such as particles of dirt or eyelashes, down to the sclera of the eye or under the eyelids) can be removed as follows:

  1. If you see a piece on the sclera of the eye or under the lower eyelid, pull it out, using the corner of a clean handkerchief or swab.
  2. If you do not see the piece, lower the upper eyelid to the bottom and hold for a bit — maybe it will move down. If speck and it does not appear it apparently is located under the upper eyelid. In this case, you should resort toone's help, and you will remove the foreign body, as described in paragraph 3.
  3. Ask the patient to look down. Take the eyelashes of the upper eyelid with your fingers and pull it down. Put a match, a cocktail or a cotton flagellum on the upper lid and fold it up over one of these items. Seeing the piece, carefully remove it, as indicated in paragraph 1.

If and you can not remove the foreign body, apply a light bandage over the affected eye and seek medical attention.

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