Fish may be reduced in size by a quarter

According to Canadian researchers, the metamorphosis may be due to global warming.

Size of marine fish may be reduced by almost a quarter due to global warming, reports "Times" with reference to the results of a study conducted by researchers at Canada's University of British Columbia.

Scientists have studied the dependence of the size of more than 600 species of fish from the ocean temperatures. "The metabolism of the fish when the temperature increases and, consequently, in the warm water fish need more oxygen," — said study leader Dr. William Chong. However, warmer water contains less oxygen, which can restrict the growth of marine inhabitants. As expected, most of all suffer from this effect of fish the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

Together with the reduction in the size of individual specimens, scientists predict population declines of marine fish. Aggravate the situation other phenomena related to global warming: ocean acidification due to dissolution of carbon dioxide in it, and decrease the amount of nutrients in the water. In addition, for a billion people a fish is the main source of animal protein, and fishing is from one year to more actively.

"We did not anticipate that the impact of global warming will be so strong and so will affect the vast territory. This is another reason for the urgent reduction of greenhouse gases, "- he says.

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