Fish protection structures for 14.3 million rubles introduced at Nazarovo GRES

Nazarovo GRES (Krasnoyarsk region, branch of JSC "Yenisei TGC (TGC-13)" in the group "Siberian Generating Company") has entered into commercial operation fish protection structures designed to prevent the death of fish in the water intake, reported TGK-13.

The unit cost of 14.3 million rubles built on coastal pumping station number 1. It is a displacement hydraulic screen, the essence of action is to create a barrier to the water intake area to scare the fish, through the release of the special high pressure water jets. The project is developed by JSC "Institute Hydroproject."

Nazarovskaya plant — one of the largest energy companies in Krasnoyarsk Territory. Installed power capacity of 1210 MW, the installed thermal capacity — 870 Gcal / h The station is located on the left bank tributary of the Ob — Chulym River, the water of which is used for cooling. Only on environmental measures planned a Nazarovo GRES in 2012 about 95.8 million rubles.

JSC "Yenisei TGC" (TGC-13) is one of the largest generating companies in Siberia. Service area "Yenisei TGC" includes Krasnoyarsk and Khakassia. Total installed capacity of the companies included in the company — 2.743 thousand MW of thermal power — 7.380 thousand Gcal / h The main shareholder is JSC "Siberian Coal Energy Company".

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