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Ideally foot man consists of internal arches and curved surfaces. However, many people or birth or with time vault Foot drop — it becomes flat. This is called a flat-footed.


The most common reason — lack or excess stress on your feet. This may be caused, for example, improper shoes. Approximately 3% of people get flat "inherited" from parents. A lot of it is developing as a result of diseases: rickets, polio, diabetes. Women suffer from flat feet to four times more often than men. Risk factors include: uncomfortable shoes and walking in high heels, standing on their feet for long, overweight, pregnancy.

What if this happens?

The human foot has a unique feature — it works like a shock absorber, that is springy. Not one, not even the high jump and fast running animal, such as the kangaroo or a jaguar, can not boast of this amazing ability. Springy stop by the design of a set that supports the system of ligaments and muscles. When this musculo-ligamentous mechanismsome reasons weakens, developing flat feet.

Flattened foot hurts a long walk, but with a high degree of flat even when standing still. But this is only a small part of the problem.

For flat-momentum of the steps is not canceled springy arch of the foot, extends up the skeleton. Load (and very large) gets the joints, the spine and the skull base. Shock-absorbing function takes on the spine, causing it to wear out faster and weaker. There are all sorts of pinching of the nerve roots with relevant symptoms.

In advanced flatfoot deformity occur, grows so-called painful bone on the thumb. Blood circulation of the lower limbs, ankles swollen and sore. There are changes in the knee and hip joints. The legs get tired quickly. Walk spoiled. There is fatigue.

How to recognize it?

At home, you can stop spread butter or cream and put her stamp on a sheet of white paper, which lies on a flat surface. Ideally, for a "picture" must print less than half the width of the source of the foot. In other words, if there is no recess in the foot, then you have flatfoot.


Diagnosis and treatment of flatfoot is engagedan orthopedic specialist.Diagnosis can be made by visual examination of the patient and help to clarify the degree of instrumental methods: podometrics, computer diagnostics feet and radiography.


Treatment of flat feet include several key areas.

To relieve pain using drugs and physiotherapy.

To restore the natural shape of the foot is applied corrective insoles (arch supports). Properly fitted insoles can not only relieve pain, but also its shape regulate muscle tone. Insoles are of various kinds:

  • insert under the front part of the foot used for flattening the longitudinal arch;
  • backdrops — can reduce the load on the heel and the pain in them;
  • interdigital liners can push the big and second toe on his feet, thereby preventing the progressive deviation of the big toe to the outside;
  • the best option — it's insole with arch support under the heel and under the front part of the pronator. This insole is a kind of "twisting" the foot — in this case the muscles are less tensile forces and thus are in the best conditions to work.

The best quality insoles are made to order after the test, remove the size of the foot and establishing the level of arch flattening. Materials of construction for insoles have undergone their evolution from cork, the oldest to synthetic (from Europlastic, supralena silicone) as well as a soft foam material.

When running the form of flat special orthopedic shoes are made in the form of shoes with lacing, solid sole and lateral support of the foot. Such shoes made to order, by plaster cast.

Surgical treatment flatfoot includes operations in which parts of the bones of the foot is removed to restore a normal arch of the foot (called remodeling surgery).

For the treatment and prevention of flat feet, there are also massage and physiotherapy. Prevention can be done in the home. "Earn" flatfoot easier if you go in close uncomfortable shoes, wearing high heels, a lot of running, long standing. It is necessary to give more rest your feet — a regular stop doing gymnastics, massage and baths.

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