Flooding in Venice. Videos with no comments

Rampant floods in Venice does not stop tourists, many of them are in the city especially in the flooding, according to local media. "The situation is complicated. Flooding began a few days ago, and it is difficult to say when it will be given access to the Piazza San Marco — told the portal, "Interfax-Tourism" at the National Italian for Tourism (ENIT).


Tourists need to arm high boots. Flooding can last for about two weeks. " According to employees of ENIT, the tourists move around the city without permission swimming. The department suggested that there are also Russian travelers. "Most likely, this is our tourists that the sea is not scary. Bathing harmless to the city and residents. Flooded Venice — also a kind of landmark, and not everyone is being sent to see "- added in ENIT.Navodnenie Venice happens every year. At this point the water level reaches 1.5 meters. In total, over 70% of flooded areas of the city. The city declared a state of emergency.

Category: Natural disasters and the environment

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