Floods in Thailand. Updated

Medics arrived at the flooded areas of Bangkok

Thai military medics arrived at the flooded Don Muang district in the north of Bangkok. The water level is still high for two weeks, he now holds at around 1.2 meters. They were able to come here only to hydroplane.

People evacuated from flooded homes, and now many are forced to live on the street. Doctors say that the need to check the health of flood victims and, if necessary, to help the medication or hospitalization.

[Kechin Pinsuvan, MD]:
"In some people, chronic diseases, and they can not go to the hospital. They do not have drugs, for example — in diabetics and hypertensives. We do our best to provide them with the medicines. If their condition is severe, we will immediately send them to the hospital. "

Local residents are pleased with.

"I have diabetes and hypertension. I have lived without medication for more than 20 days because the water was up to his chest. "

Doctors say that try to pay attention to children and elderly people — they are the most vulnerable to disease.

Flooding in Thailand began in late July, after the South-East Asia hit a tropical storm. Affected 63 of 77 provinces. The death toll has reached in months, at least 529 people. Most of these people have drowned in water or deadly electrical shock.

Some areas of Thailand are gradually being restored, but in the capital late protracted disaster is not visible. Bangkok is located in a valley. Meanwhile, the government continues to do everything possible to protect them from the water inside of the city.

Limited the scope of the annual flood of holiday in Bangkok

The Cabinet of Ministers and the City of Bangkok, capital of Thailand urged residents to celebrate this year's annual traditional festival "Loy Krathong" smaller than usual because of the ongoing flooding in Bangkok, said on Thursday reports RIA Novosti.

Annual events festival "Loy Krathong" include colorful evening launch ceremony in the water "Krathong" — complex design wreaths made of banana leaves and decorated with flowers and a candle.

"We ask the people in the capital this year to limit one Krathong on the family, and in any case not to run Krathong in the water in the flooded areas of the city. Better to do it on the river and the ponds in public parks ", — said Thursday the mayor of Bangkok Sukhumphan Paribat, addressed to the inhabitants of the city live on national TV Seventh Thailand. Usually the "Loy Krathong" wreaths into the water runs anyone.

Clogged drainage system of running the water in the flooded streets Krathong can prevent the passage of water through the city's canals in the sea south of the capital and, therefore, a risk of expanding the flooded areas of the city, said the mayor.

Thursday evening authorities had opened for the celebration 18 city parks, which have their own water or land embankments Chaophraya. All of these parks are located outside the flooded area of Bangkok.

At present, according to the mayor's office, the media published Thursday afternoon, in full or partially inundated 12 of the 50 metropolitan areas, with the depth of water in most of the flooded areas up to 80 centimeters.

The capital of Thailand and nearby provinces continue to struggle with the strongest in 50 years flood season, the water of which was held in the late summer through the northern and central provinces of the country, and by October had reached the capital of Thailand. Accumulated over the northern outskirts of Bangkok water mass flows into the Gulf of Thailand to the south of the Thai capital, passing by rivers flowing from north to south through the city, and the city's canal system. Attempts by the authorities to prevent the penetration of water into the streets of the city were unsuccessful. At present the center of Bangkok is mostly dry, but to guarantee the complete safety of the central areas of Bangkok and the City Government can not. Peak water level in Chao Phraya River and the city's canal system came on October 31, the flood is on the decline in the Bangkok suburbs and distant suburbs, but the city flood zone is gradually expanding.


Festival "Loy Krathong" — one of the most colorful in the Thai calendar. The word "formula" means "to run into the water," or "float". Custom run into rivers and lakes "Krathong" full moon at the end of the harvest season of rice (occurs at the end of October or early November, according to the lunar calendar), preserved from ancient times, when the Thais have not adopted Buddhism and worshiped the gods of nature, including the goddess of water . The word "river" that sounds in Thai as "Maenam", literally means "Mother of the Waters." In ancient times, giving it a "Krathong" goddess thanks for the abundant irrigation fields with rain water. With the advent of Buddhism, this tradition has become the meaning of purification of bad karma and liberation from bad luck. Also, the candles "Krathong" (go out — not off) wondering about love and luck, and still make wishes, which will surely be executed if the candle has not gone so far as Krathong not sailed farther distances.

In the flooded streets of Bangkok appeared kitchens

In the Thai capital volunteers organize soup kitchens. For food are huge queues. In addition to hot meals to people also give out rations, mostly rice.

Meanwhile, the city urged residents to be careful. Unsanitary conditions in the affected areas and there is danger of infectious disease outbreaks. To prevent an epidemic, in the streets of the mobile clinics, where doctors advise.

Toll roads in Thailand are free until 20 November

All toll roads in Thailand due to the strongest in 50 years of seasonal flooding by government decision became free of charge for the period from 9 to 20 November, reports on Wednesday, RIA Novosti reported.

Starting from 00.00 hours Wednesday (21.00 MSK Tuesday) all toll roads, the country began to work in free mode. In late October, the government has already announced a free high-speed roads leading from the borders of the city towards the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, including the resort town of Pattaya. Environment free from all of the city of steel and "Expressway" — paid avtoestakady duplicating all major areas of vehicular traffic in the city.

The Government has decided to pay compensation of Bangkok Expressways PLC of $ 6.1 million for lost revenue.

In Bangkok, there are three stages of paid avtoestakad, built between 1988 and 2006. Together form a huge overpass irregular ring with branches, creating a "second floor" for traffic across the Left Bank of the capital of Thailand. One of the lines of the "Expressway" connects the toll road with a free system overpasses the right bank of Chao Phraya River, where only eight of the 50 districts of the city, and the main roads south direction, starting in the right bank.

Free use of flyovers will help ease traffic in the city, which is struggling with a flood, and will allow motorists to drive through flooded areas, not "soaking the wheels." In addition, the ranks of the extreme left on the bridges (in Thailand drive on the left) are allowed to be used as temporary parking areas for cars to protect them from the water.

The capital of Thailand is experiencing the strongest in 50 years the flood season, the water that passed through the northern and central part of the country is now passing through Bangkok and drains into the sea south of Bangkok.

Currently, in 12 districts of Bangkok acts evacuation warning, five of these areas completely flooded to a depth of 20 centimeters to two meters. The capital of Thailand is divided into 50 administrative districts.

Navodenie in Thailand killed more than 500 people.

Cars in Bangkok to protect the "packed" in plastic bags

Giant plastic bags to protect the car from the flood on sale in Bangkok, RIA Novosti reported.

Thai TV shows advertising special plastic bags, each of which is placed a car. Package stretches on asphalt, the car runs over him, the walls of the package pick up and pull on the car, fixing the "neck" package strings above the roof of the car.

Manufacturers package claim that it can protect the car against water, even if the parking lot on which it stands, it will flood "on the roof" standing on its transport. The manufacturer, however, warns that to keep the car in a package more than two weeks is impractical because any moisture remaining inside the package can not evaporate, so you can cause rust on the body and the motor car.

Flooding prompted inventive idea in Bangkok. One of Bangkok universities, for example, adjusted release floating device of leakage of electricity into the water. If at some area flooded area is leaking, a device designed in the form of a cylinder with a plastic yellow duck on top, gives a signal of danger. The instrument was collected by students and teachers, and distributed free of residents of flooded neighborhoods and streets.

Of the 527 who died three months floods in Thailand, more than 150 people were killed by electric shock through the water. This is the most common cause of death during floods in Bangkok.

In the first weeks of flooding when it is concentrated in the northern mountainous provinces of the country, the victims in the first place brought landslides, mudslides and flooding instant settlements with water flowing down from higher areas.

To the invention of the flooding can be attributed and "upbeat" tuk-tuk — a three-wheeled taxi to Bangkok motorcycle run. Tuk-Tuku replace front wheel fork for longer, raising the engine and the driver's seat high above the water, and increase the vertical exhaust pipe to prevent water from entering the engine from the exhaust. In this case, the rear wheels are on the same height, and part of the passenger cabin in the deepest places is in the water. This inconvenience passengers have to endure, as in the streets, where the water level is more than 50 centimeters, city buses stop running.

The capital of Thailand is experiencing the strongest in 50 years the flood season, the water that passed through the northern and central part of the country is now passing through Bangkok and drains into the sea south of the city.

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