For long the MVD will send drones

On the big cities MIA send drones

Minister Nurgaliyev ordered to make squadrons to monitor the situation from the air.
MIA does in large cities of the Russian Federation 12 aircraft orders, the base of which will be unmanned aerial vehicles. UAVs are already successfully used by police special operations in hot spots and monitor construction sites of Olympic facilities. Now under surveillance from the air decided to take neighborhoods of large cities.

As told to "Izvestia" in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the agency buys UAVs for the acquisition of their new type of units — aviation units. In one unit goes 3-5 aircraft. At the moment these units in Russia only 10 — they work in the North Caucasus and the Olympic construction sites. In the Moscow region at the moment there is only one squadron — near the village Bikovo on a personal airfield, where one set is based out of 3 UAVs.

— Moscow and other large cities are also experiencing a critical need them — said the "News" department spokesman. — Puzzles squadrons — monitoring residential areas, the identification of crimes and frisky message of the coming of their patrols or police stations.

According to the source, "Izvestia", the drones will be equipped with cameras and cameras capable of simultaneously transmit a picture to a distance of 25 km. UAV helicopter type equipped with thermal imaging cameras, and so even in the dark can easily look for a man with a height of several kilometers.

As the representative of Zala.Aero, producing UAVs, apart from promoting the disclosure of atrocities UAV needed to prevent traffic congestion, global fire and technological disasters.

— We often order the drones SAI, the Emergencies Ministry, the Federal Security Service — says manager Zala.Aero, — but the law is often hinders the introduction of modern technology. Although in some regions of the UAV is a broker to disclose the crime to reveal the location of the bands. Even the fishing inspectors ordered the unit to look for poachers.

But while the sky above the town for UAVs closed. As told to "Izvestia" line director UAV Air Company "Irkut" Yury Malov, at the moment the police drones do not fly over populated Fri, as they have no right to do so.

— Draft law authorizing and regulating such flights, so far only developed, — said the expert. — This is an international organization does so called "Group of 73". They consider the issue in relation to Europe, we'll take them later on the same project at the base of its own law.

According Malova, the complexity of implementing UAVs the police is that the flight routes to three day or coordinate with the director of operations for each of the territories. And at the operational work is unreal. Besides free use UAVs can only be military action.

A complex consisting of 3 drones, the Interior Ministry buys 15 million. UAVs are buying not only the police. Not so long ago, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (TFR) has announced a tender for the purchase of a new unmanned aerial vehicle with cameras and cameras at the cost of almost $ 200 million Investigators collected use UAV for crime scene investigation on inaccessible areas. The Federal Migration Service uses UAVs to search for hidden illegal highest fences, and MES — examines the fire.

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