For refusing fingerprinting will not be released abroad Belarus


22.11.12.Nachalas new "wave" of mass fingerprinting.

Site received a letter today from a reader:  "Resume a campaign for total fingerprinting in Baranovichi. On 19 November, police department Baranovichi was an instruction from the higher institutions of the need to promptly forcibly remove fingerprints from persons who have not passed the procedure for various reasons. Those who had earlier refused to undergo fingerprinting will with repeated failure again brought to administrative responsibility. "

This information website confirmed in the forensic department police department Baranovichi.

"If a person does not pass the fingerprints as soon as possible, preferably before the end of the week, it will cause to the police or may be subject to compulsory process. Furthermore, persons that have not been fingerprinted, have problems at the border — until the travel ban, "- said in Baranavichy police, citing the head of the department Igor Kalendareva.

Order on the need for compulsory fingerprinting came from higher structures.

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