For the operation in Libya U.S. izderzhali already 716 million dollars

On the U.S. operation in Libya have already spent 716 million dollarsU.S. spending on operations in Libya only strip the Pentagon made on June 3, 716 million bucks. They are expected to reach 1.1 billion by September 30. This was said on Wednesday whitewashed house that has sent to Congress a report entitled "Activities of the United States in Libya."

The document states that the weapons — missiles and bombs — was spent on 398.3 million bucks. The daily life of — flight, maintenance personnel, etc. — Another 313.7 million.

In addition, on April 26, President Barack Obama instructed the Pentagon to share with opposition forces in Libya rations, uniforms, soldiers' boots, vests, binoculars, maps and medicine. Total price with a similar amount to 25 million dollars. The first batch of goods was delivered to the port of Benghazi on May 10. The second should come back to the old days. In total, taking into account the transport costs of the allocated amount spent over 15 million bucks.

In parallel humanitarian assistance in connection with the conflict in Libya U.S. provides for the band international development agencies of the government — has been allocated 81 million dollars as of June 3.

The report stresses that the Pentagon "has no plans to seek additional funding (for operations in Libya), and uses its available funds to cover the costs there," ITAR-TASS.

In Libya South American warplanes involved in the current time of drawing air strikes only at air defense targets, ensuring no-fly zone. They are also supporting the Allied aircraft, which bombards the troops loyal to Muammar Gaddafi — produce intelligence, aerial refueling, jamming radio stations.

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