Forest fires in Colorado. Photographic

A huge column of thick smoke rising near the houses near Aspen Park.

About 600 firefighters abandoned their efforts to quench the fire of approximately 16 square kilometers in the state of Colorado, USA.

The exact cause of the alarm is not known, its rapid expansion due to the strong winds. The fire destroyed at least 25 homes, two people were killed and one was missing. Residents of 180 homes have been evacuated, many also had to flee.

Heavy thick smoke covered the sky.

Fire on the mountain ridge near Reynolds Park.

Firefighter John Graves communicates with his team on the radio.

Taylor triol of the Colorado State Forest Service, looks toward the fire on a ridge near Reynolds Park.

Firefighters arrived at the scene completely ruined house near Denver, Colorado.

Fire plane.

Aerial view of a forest fire in Colorado.

Fire in Jefferson County.

German Shepherds Ringo, 7 months, and Gretel, 11 months, waiting for its owner in the parking lot. They were evacuated from their homes late at night because of forest fires.

Volunteer firefighter Michael Davis.

Craig Reysinger and his 6-year-old son, Virgil.

Firefighter Brent Stanley is resting at a local school.

Charred swing — is all that remains of one of the burnt houses.

A local resident found the flag of his other property burnt. Jefferson County Sheriff's Department issued an order allowing the residents to return to their homes or to the places where they used to be.

Burned-out car.

Press secretary of Jefferson County sheriff talks to the media.

A local woman, Mary Ann Ellis took part in a press conference on the occasion of the fire to get some answers from officials.

Local residents Mary Ann Ellis and Denise Gustafson comfort each other.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper came to the scene of the fire to assess the level of damage and talk to local residents who have lost their homes.

Completely burned car.

Foundation — is all that is left of the house.

Completely burned house near Denver.

Triol Taylor talks to Jim McCoy.


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