Found black boxes of the crashed SuperJet-100

In Indonesia, the last search operation at the crash site of Russian aircraft Sukhoi SuperJet-100. It is carried out with the staff and the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations Indonesian rescue workers and the military. As reported by local media, has now been able to find the black boxes of the crashed plane.

"Right now (recorders) managed to find, but there is not the ability to raise them up", — quotes portal head of the State Committee on Transportation Safety Indonesia Tatanga Karniadi.

"We can confirm that on disk imaging control group of Indonesian rescuers found the alleged place finding the flight recorders "- quoted by RIA Announcements press attache of the Russian Embassy in Indonesia Dmitry Solodova.

A spokesman for the United Aircraft Company (UAC) Olga Kayukova, which is located on the ground until it has confirmed the discovery of the recorders. "Flight recorders have not found, as well as large pieces, not including the keel and part of the wing," — she writes in his own Twitter'e.

Indonesian rescuers have also said that they had find several bodies of the crew. They were loaded onto helicopters and taken to Jakarta, where the last identification procedure. Earlier it was reported that rescuers found the documents of the 1st of the crew members — pilot flying a book and a wallet with the media.

"Results of the day or: 6 containers helicopters brought the remains of the victims of the disaster. Yesterday there were 16. Total 22" — reports RIA "Announcements" Alexander Kovalev in his own microblog.

Mikhail Pogosyan, head of UAC and the control of the Department of Aviation Industry Trade Ministry Yuri Slusar now flown by helicopter to the scene. They inspected the air place the collapse of the SuperJet, and then held a meeting at Camp Russian rescuers at Mount Salak and returned to Jakarta, where the headquarters of the Russian-Indonesian operations.

Recall, the new Russian plane Sukhoi SuperJet-100 crashed on May 10 in Indonesia during a demo flight. On board were 45 people, including eight Russians, they all died. As it turned out, plane in the criteria of low clouds crashed into the side of Mount Salak.

Engaged in the investigation of the incident along our homeland, and Indonesia. As said, the Indonesian authorities, deciphering dark boxes will be held in Indonesia, where there is a need for this equipment. The analysis of flight recorder data will allow to find out why the plane crashed. Russian side has already hastened to declare that no technical problems on board was not.

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