French Air Force conducted the first military trials ROCKETS ASMPA

French Air Force conducted the first military trials ROCKETS ASMPA
Strategic Air Command Air France conducted the first test of the latest troop ASMPA supersonic missile with a nuclear warhead. During tests June 19 missile was launched from a ventral pylon fighter «Rafale». This now told the French Air Force.
As noted in the Air Force during the tests evaluated the overall system of nuclear weapons as part of a tanker aircraft C-135 attack aircraft «Rafale» aviation and missile with a nuclear warhead ASMPA triggered outside of object air defense zone.
The test simulated the real scenario implementation missiles and lasted 5 hours during which produced: cruising altitude aircraft carrier rocket, flying at low altitude to enter the zone defense imaginary enemy, flying at low altitude in the following mode terrain, refueling in flight from a tanker aircraft. After a 5 hour flight crew performed fighter rocket launch, which was not armed with a real nuclear warhead.
Fighter «Rafale» was from the squadron «Gascogne» («Gascogne»), tanker aircraft C-135 squadron from the «Brittany» («Bretagne»).
During the test flight, which began with a missile test center of the General Delegation for Armaments France (DGA) in Biscarosse in the south-west of the country military and civilian air traffic control facilities accompanied the aircraft carrier, as you launch missiles — tailed line of movement of its flight to the goal.
In the trial participated staff structures and capabilities the Air Force, DGA, the company MBDA, the Atomic Energy Commission and other sources of energy, as the Navy, who controlled adjacent to the route of flight zone, including marine area.
The purpose of the tests was to demonstrate the technical and operational capabilities of aircraft deterrent and perform tasks of delivering nuclear weapons to target strategic means the French Air Force.

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