From dairy farm to sable

In the Angara 116 agricultural investment is realized.


The government began to think seriously about the state support of agricultural producers. Earlier this year, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Irkutsk region began to work with the heads of municipalities with large enterprises, peasant farms. The village is looking for enthusiasts who are willing and able to work.

About a thousand rural sector workers have been trained at the Institute for Advanced Studies IrGSKHA in various areas — accounting, agriculture, livestock, etc. After that, the regional Department of Agriculture has received 286 applications from large and not so enterprises, farmers and farms, each with its investment project. Of course, the competition is not all gone. Someone already has the monetary base, extensive experience, a clear business plan, and someone came up with a desire to join the program. The result was the selection of 116 investment projects.

What has been done?

Of the total number of announced projects across 61 can already tick — Implemented by 100%, and the rest will be launched before the end of 2011, the Agriculture Ministry promises Irkutsk region.

The results can already be seen, and even to try, for example, by means of the acquisition of new technologies for the production of potato is grown and dug a good harvest. Also as part of this program was made possible opening of sable farms in the Irkutsk region. The cost of the project amounted to 36 million rubles. On the farm you only bring sable female.

In general, the program of investment in the current year built seven dairy farms on 1.5 million heads, remodeled 12 farms, 11 pig pens, dairy plant. In crop purchased 9 technologies for the production of potatoes, 40 for the production of grain, 25 Grassland complexes.

Areas of investment

Today, investment projects implemented in 12 directions:

-Milk production — 18 investment projects;
-grain production — 29 investment projects;
-Beef cattle — 9 investment projects;
-pig — 11 investment projects;
-potato production — 9 investment projects;
-Agricultural cooperatives — 27 investment;
-production of vegetables — one investment project;
-production of rapeseed and other oil crops — 2 of the investment;
-farming and rabbit — 1 investment project;
-sheep and goat — 5 investment projects;
-Beekeeping — 2 of the investment;
-herd horse breeding — 2 of the investment.

What are the results obtained?

As a result of the implementation of projects in 2011 increased area of cultivation of agricultural crops on 40 hectares, including cereals by 32 thousand hectares, gross grain harvest will be 650 million tonnes (in 2010 — 554 thousand tons). In animal husbandry to increase the number of cattle: cows — by 1.5 thousand heads, pigs — by 7 thousand, sheep — 10 thousand horses — by 2.5 thousand units, which will generate an additional 9 million tons of milk and 4 tons of meat. Extras will create 1,980 jobs, increase payments for UAT, personal income tax and extra-budgetary funds.

Total spent on investment projects of equity and debt in the amount of 1.67 billion rubles.

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