From gasoline to uranium

Siberian factories make millions on the sale of petrol, feathers and uranium abroad.

On local products that are in demand abroad, and the benefits which promise overseas contracts — in the material NGS.BIZNES.

In February, Novosibirsk Electrode Plant ("NovEZ") began development of a unique production equipment demanded by steel mills in the U.S. and Brazil. We are talking about large electrodes that are no longer needed in the domestic market. It is unlikely that the lack of domestic demand scares the owners of the plant, and so has a reputation as one of the largest exporters of Novosibirsk. To work with other countries does not allow many of Novosibirsk, for fear of legal risks in the event of failure of contracts and losing in the competition.

At the beginning of this year to "NovEZ" in the group "Enegroprom" (together uglegrafitnye assets "Renova" Viktor Vekselberg), began assembling "another survivor" — the second concrete block machine, transported here from Novocherkassk plant group writes its corporate newspaper. The new equipment will allow the plant to operate not only in the "gentle" mode downloaded by 100% first vibrocompressor 1985 release, but also to become the third largest manufacturer of large-size electrodes.

The third in the whole world

As reported by "Vedomosti" the managing director of the plant Sergei Kochanowski, vibrocompressor be put into production in July 2013, the return on investment in just one relocation — $ 2.5 million — the company is planning for two years and two months. Consumers are very large electrodes — ferroalloy plants in the U.S., Brazil, Australia, Germany and Kazakhstan. In Russia they are not used, Kochanowski said. According to estimates, "Energoprom", the demand for these products in the world is about 4,000 tons per year.

"NovEZ" is not new to foreign markets. "Horse and the trump card" factory "Enegroprom" refers to the carbon electrodes, which among other products of the plant are purchasing smelters in Australia, Norway, Italy, USA, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Brazil.

Novosibirsk customs on the basis of 2012 called the electrode plant one of the largest local exporters. In general, Customs recognizes the traditional leadership of engineering products in the total exports of the commodity structure of Novosibirsk — 59.5%, or $ 747.6 million

Machine against the fuzz 

In addition to "NovEZ" Manufacturers of Customs said another frequent visitor to the rating of the largest exporters of the region — the Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant (NCCP, "daughter" of fuel element — the fuel of the state corporation "Rosatom"), which produces fuel for nuclear reactors in Bulgaria, Iran, India, Ukraine and China.

"Our biggest exporter -" Siberian Anthracite "(part of the Moscow group" ALLTECH "), exporting them produced in high-quality anthracite Linevo in Belgium, China, South Korea, Japan, India and some other countries," — said an employee of the Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolai Samsonov. The total annual export volume of it estimates at least $ 195-200 million

Next on the volume of exports — about $ 20-25 million per year — a small refinery "MIC-Oil", located in the village of Kochenevo. According to Samson, the main lines of supply — the European market, a little bit — Mongolia. Exports plant about 25 tons of oil per year.

"Of the 200 largest exporters of Siberia Novosibirsk companies — only 8. And these 8 companies exported $ 300 million a year, which is about 1-1.5% of the Siberian exports "- confirms Nikolai Samsonov.

In addition to the area of energy supplies for export and high-tech products. Of the largest exporters of Siberian only three exporting high-tech products, two of them are located in Novosibirsk — "Cathode", delivering his night-vision devices to 42 countries, and the Institute of Nuclear Physics. Particle accelerators and other scientific equipment manufactured in INP used in research institutes and industries in the countries of Western Europe (including CERN).

Among the companies exporting software products — the developer of geographic information systems, "Data East". "Among our foreign buyers of products — GlobeXplorer, Inc. (USA), Chevron (U.S.), Geodata (Norway), Esri, UK (United Kingdom), Shell Group, De Beers Group », — says the director of the production company," Data East "Yuri Tkachev.

Absolutely exotic against the harsh looks of Manufacturers success Novosibirsk company "Source", which by the end of last year, more than 40% of its production — down and feather birds — sold to foreign countries.

The same "NovEZ" in 2011 (latest available data) was 298 million rubles. net profit, and "Siberian Anthracite" earned on exports of coal more than 3 billion rubles.

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