From guns to graders

One of the oldest companies in the Bryansk this year celebrates 230 years since its foundation. Factory "Bryansk Arsenal"builtby CatherineIIexclusively for the production of guns, today released a full line of motor graders. SmartNews been at work road equipment, known far beyond the borders of the country.

The history of the factory "Bryansk Arsenal" is full of interesting stories and iconic figures. There is in it, for example, and a bit of "show business": the famous all over the country Bryansk State Duma deputy, who called himself "Dr. workers sciences," Vasily Shandybin 34 years he worked as a fitter on this plant.

A huge area of the plant is actually located on the bank of the Desna River main Bryansk. The view from the factory gates without exaggeration stunning. The plant is located near the highest point of the city — Intercession mountains, from which began the history of Bryansk. Today, as a few centuries ago, the domes of churches located on it, visible from the premises. Here, on Pokrovke, is a monument of architecture of XVIII century — the house-general director of the plant.

According to the factory museum keeper Claudia Bakin, every third instrument in the struggle against Napoleon was molded precisely to "Bryansk Arsenal." This is perhaps the most significant example of the importance of the plant to the country at the time. Golden mortar with two pyramids cores on the arms of the city reminds of those glorious times today.

Closer history is remembered in detail.

Photo: Maria Nikolaenko / SmartNews

In 1936, it was the job of government — perhaps even private instruction Joseph Stalin — to make four new products for the military parade on Red Square. The deadlines were shortened, four months almost a state of siege imposed. Workers spent days and nights at the factory, but the job was done. The guns were in Red Square, for the fulfillment of this task six people from the factory had been awarded a "Ford".

Claudia Bakin, an employee of the factory museum

Photo by the Press Service of the plant

During World War II the factory was evacuated to the heartland, where producing weapons to defeat the enemy. During wartime, and the enterprise, and the houses were completely destroyed the factory workers. But a year after the release of Bryansk was restored, and since 1946 it has embarked on the development of new production — road machines. Today, they — the main products of the plant.

In 2011, the experts of "Bryansk Arsenal" made another very curious thing — a fully restored one of the four remaining in the first Soviet Russian production of diesel tractors "Stalinets-65" (C-65), had lain at the bottom of the river non-Russians 70 years.

Tractor raised by searchers from the bottom of the river, was transferred to the plant. First, the find is completely disassembled to remove all rust, most parts was blasting. However, re-assembled the tractor still refused to start.

Had to ask for help in the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant, where at one time and produced a tractor-trailer C-65. Chelyabinsk colleagues sent a unique assembly drawings "Stalinist", so that the specialists of "Arsenal" realized that the engine is missing one small detail, and ordered her to Yaroslavl.

Photo by the Press Service of the plant

The tractor was brought to us in January 2011, and in March, the first time he has been on display in Bryansk. "Stalinets," as it turned out, fell through the ice in the winter of 1941 in the area Suzemskom area. The driver who was driving them managed to jump out of the car, which went to the bottom. Initially, the legendary tractor S-65 was designed to work in agriculture, but during the war they were used to tow the guns.

Eugene Gorbachev, the spokesman of the plant

Now rebuilt tractor — the pride of the city. May 9 Victory Day parade, he was in a convoy with military equipment, and in the autumn of this year "Stalinets" Bryansk was transferred to the museum of military equipment to the Partisan meadow.

According to the factory manual, "Bryansk Arsenal" — is the only manufacturer in Russia that produced the full range of motor graders. Depending on the destination graders produced in different versions: from a simplified model of an easy class, which is used in public services, to heavy-duty four-wheel drive vehicles.

One of the latest official reports of the factory "Bryansk Arsenal" was quite exotic: how wrote SmartNews, plant began to supply graders in the West African Republic of Benin. The presentation took place at the local art festival of the harvest. As the director of the organization of production Basil Proshkin grader was converted specially for hot Benin: space heater in it took the air conditioner.

GS.25.12 grader. Photo by the Press Service of the plant

In 2012, "Bryansk Arsenal" has developed a new career grader with improved performance. The machine has already found its recognition of the consumer. At the end of the year at the regional competition "100 best goods of Russia" our grader GS.25.12 awarded the winner with the award of a mark of quality.

Vasily Proshkin, director of production


Video Mary Nikolaenko, SmartNews

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