From Morpheus to Knight


Options armored SAM 42S6 "Morpheus" with air defense radar, missile AFAR on the chassis and the car BAZ 70N6 with AESA radar with dome lens (History of Soviet radar. M., "Capital Encyclopedia", 2011).

The latest anti-aircraft missile system 42S6 "Morpheus" short-range plan to adopt in 2015. The journalists said Deputy Defense Minister, Colonel-General Oleg Ostapenko. Earlier Ashurbeyli Igor, who headed up the company in 2011, the developer "Morpheus" (lead system design bureau "Almaz-Antey") reported in an interview with RIA Novosti that the enacting of the complex is scheduled for 2013. The system of "Morpheus" is designed to protect military installations, has both active and passive means of combat.


The new complex will be able to destroy the air defenses of any object in the airspace within a radius of 5 km surrounding. Ostapenko also said that at present, work is continuing on the creation of ground-based air defense "Hero". "Hero", a tool that will significantly outperform the S-300. Even the fact that the guide will be 12 instead of 4 as it is now — it is almost three times the increase firepower, "- said the general.


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