From Salekhard to Aksarka on asphalt

The road between Salekhard and the center of the Ural region is now completely paved. The road is part of a highway under construction Salekhard-Nadym.


The total length of the road will be three hundred and thirty miles. The road is divided into six sections. Currently, construction is under way on four of them. Road builders have to build on this track more than fifty bridges. This winter will pour about two million cubic meters of roadbed and build four bridges crossing.

Governor Dmitry Kobylkin, who arrived the day before, on September 11, at the docking location for the acceptance of the highway, has put in place a road sign "Aksarka — 16, Nadim — 291" and gave a start to work on the new road.

"It is a long-awaited facility. Almost from the beginning of 2000, the work was carried out here. Not an easy job was, but I am grateful to the road builders. They have kept the construction period, even coped before. Now, most importantly, we are building a road to Nadim, Salehard connect with the "mainland." In the draft of the Salekhard — Nadym, since the turn, I think, in 2014 finished. Funding is " — Concluded Dmitriy Kobylkin.

Work on the last stretch of road between Salekhard and Aksarka of almost 22.5 km began in February of this year. To date, the contractor has already done laying the first layer of asphalt, is now continuing to strengthen the shoulders and slopes. It employs about fifty people, attracted almost as many vehicles.

The need for the construction of highway linking Salehard and Aksarka caused by objective reasons. The road for many years there was only a base aggregate performance, and traffic in this area is quite high. Daily passes are about 2.5 million vehicles, of which almost half are trucks.

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