Galilee was deeper

Heavy snowfall in northern Israel and Jerusalem to the abundant amount of rain in Tel Aviv, helped to increase the level of Lake Kinneret at 20 cm

This lake is the main source of drinking water. Since last week in Jerusalem fell to 168 mm., Precipitation, Ariel — 93 mm., Tel Aviv — 58 millimeters. In general, during the period of snow and rain Galilee rose up to 30 cm

Snow began to accumulate on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights and the West Bank. In Jerusalem, such heavy snowfall for the last time was 4 years ago.

In Tel Aviv, the sun only briefly appeared from behind the clouds, and disappeared again behind heavy storm clouds.

In Modi'in Ilit (Modi'in Illit) 7-year-old Yael Schaeffer was killed by being swept away the water flow. At this point the police are investigating, was the cause of death of the father or the negligence of the local authorities.


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