Gangster Stade de France


Grave of Jim Morrison at the Paris cemetery of Pere-Lyashez (Photo by Ales lookout)

The evening before the official press conference and training — she, as usual, is the day before the game — the journalists had the opportunity to sip a bit of Parisian air to rush traditionally run on one of the trails. But, fortunately, I and two colleagues were able to see several different Paris — thank you very much for that my friend the photographer Jeff Banifasyno that repeatedly came to take pictures in Belarus. Instead Elizeyskih fields we passed along the boulevard Villette, where making a living ugly Chinese prostitutes, visited the cemetery of Pere-Lyashez, where among the French bourgeoisie buried famous musician Jim Morrison, and went into a small shop to buy on trial not you seen hitherto cheeses.

Having been the "Stade de France". Large stadiums are always impressive, and the 80-thousand's of Paris is no exception. Such a whopper in my life I saw a little bit, "Santiago Bernabeu" in Madrid, "Estadyu to Luz" in Lisbon, "Nou Camp" in Barcelona. The main stadium of France, built for the 1998 World Cup, is located in Paris' Saint-Denis, which has the glory of the problem. That is, late at night is not advised to walk in search of Parisian experience, because these experiences may not be the most pleasant.

Belarusian national football team training at Paris 'Stade de France'

At a press conference Bernd Stange came almost exclusively Belarusian journalists. However, I am still surprised at the airport when he saw no one local reporter who even photographed the arrival of the Belarusian team. What it is: a complete lack of respect for the opponent, or simply an elementary self-confidence?

A Stange, of course, this attitude is a little offended and said it was a good omen for Belarus team. Like, underestimation of the opponent may get new French team party.

The number of Belarusian fans at the game France-Belarus say pretty boring. Although the numbers are called pretty decent for our country — 200-300. Well, even fifty typed — that they will be able to sea against the French? But no, there's such a thought! This is a big step — to defer the case for a couple of days and put the money earned in a football trip.

The Paris Metro surprise their names

After training, we met again with Jeff, ate a Lebanese kebab but just sat on the banks of Senna, looking at the beautiful padsvechany Notre-Dame de Paris, and debated how best: with a roof on the main towers, or the way it is. And with a fatakamery was gone.


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