Gardening in Space

Scientists from the Canadian technology company presented new device by which astronauts will be able to fully fed. The developers were able to realize the full possibility of growing vegetables on long flights.

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As representatives of the company, their company has been able to create a sort of a greenhouse, which can grow tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes and many other crops. This device operates in standalone mode. It will provide vegetables and fruits of those people who will be living on the moon station or even the people who go to the planet Mars.

The device called the "Lunar Oasis". Development have already presented a special jury Lunar X Prize — competition, which is jointly organized by NASA and Google. It will be recalled that the main objective of the competition — to create a rover that would be able to transport to the surface of the moon, and which will travel along the surface of at least half a kilometer. For such a development of search giant Google promises to immediately allocate 30 million U.S. dollars. In addition to the main prize, there are also several drugoryadnyh competitions, one of which involved the Lunar Oasis.

As Canadian developers hope, greenhouse go to the moon in two years. This unit will first grow a variety of forage crops and conventional plants. If they successfully germinate later will grown crops that will feed the person.

The basis of the Lunar Oasis — it's a very complicated system to support viability. In this greenhouse accurately recreated earthly conditions: temperature, pressure and humidity. Furthermore, this system should protect the plants from radiation. Scientists say that they will be interesting to see the reaction of plants under various satellites and planets.

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