Gas torches burned annually to $ 50 billion worldwide.

The volume of annual combusted worldwide associated petroleum gas (APG) — a by-product of oil production reached 170 billion cubic meters, which is estimated at $ 50 billion, the data leads the World Bank.

"The World Bank estimates the annual worldwide simultaneously burn from 150 to 170 billion cubic meters of hydrocarbons during production and oil refining. This amount is comparable to the annual consumption of natural gas by Germany and Italy. A global economic losses are estimated at 50 billion dollars", — referred to in the German online referring to the World Bank.

In parallel, oil production is always highlighted natural gas. However, is the delivery of this "side" of the product to market oil companies unprofitable: in addition to the oil pipes they would have run thousands and thousands of kilometers of pipelines, analysts said.

"APG in such quantities is harmful not only to the economy but also the environment, since it facilitates the increase of the temperature of the planet. Itself flaring of associated gas is not the greatest evil to the environment — for example, the combustion of methane highlighted CO2 and water, a greenhouse effect of the reaction of the released CO2 is 24 times less than from the methane. But it is dangerous amount of gas burnt in vain: annual APG is obtained by burning 400 million tons of CO2 and water, or half the greenhouse gas emissions in Germany for a year " — said Klimaretter.

In this regard, the experts of the World Bank calls on countries engaged in oil production within five years to reduce flaring of associated gas by 30%. For the earth's atmosphere such reduction will be comparable to the decommissioning of 60 million vehicles.

"If we could put the burned annually in Africa, 40 billion cubic meters of gas in modern plants, we were able to increase the production of electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa twice" — are reported words of the head of the Global Partnership to reduce gas flaring (GGFR) Bent Svensson (Bent Svensson ).

However, despite all efforts, in recent years the volume of flared gas is increased by two billion cubic meters. The main reasons for the World Bank calls the development of oil production in Russia and the United States, the last in 2007, increased the volume of APG flared more than three times. Also extremely low gas prices in the U.S. contributes to its economy, highlights the German online magazine.

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