Gazprom mining Noyabr’sk started construction of a cultural and sports center

December 23 started pouring the foundation of the largest sports facility in the Yamal Peninsula.

The complex is the second phase of "active recreation areas" includes: a modern hockey arena with artificial ice, a 50-meter pool at the eight tracks (this is the largest pool on the Yamal), with two cinema halls 3D, multi-purpose sports hall, a shooting range for three Gallery. In addition, it will house table tennis courts, aerobics, dance, personal strength training, room for a game of darts, and in the entertainment part — a children's playroom, an experimental museum, a billiard room, a restaurant and a sports bar.Ryadom roller track will be built with a total area 1520 sq.m. The total area of the new complex will be more than 30,000 square meters At the ceremony marking the beginning of construction of the foundation, according to tradition (that construction proceeded smoothly and was completed in time), general director of LLC "Gazprom mining Noyabr'sk" Konstantin Stepovoy dropped into a solution of the foundation clock. Their hands stayed December 23, 2011 in 11 hours and 20 minutes. — Who is a historic moment. We have long said that the city needs in this modern multi-functional cultural and sports complex. The facility is built on the assets of «Gazprom mining Noyabr'sk," he agreed with the Chairman of the Board of "Gazprom" Alexey Miller, — said Konstantin. — During a recent visit, the Noyabr'sk Alexei Borisovich allowed the construction of this facility. Moreover, he has made adjustments to the project. Originally pawned a 25-meter swimming pool, but we must pay tribute, Miller said: "To build, so build. In a developing city, where ever people live and work, should be possible not only to work but also to rest. " Therefore, we have made changes to the project, the pool will be twice as much. The project budget has not yet made public, because the final sum will depend on the cost of interior decoration. According to the plans of the customer, it must be built within three years. General Contractor — Production Company "VIS". This Moscow-based company, which now operates under six contracts with the administration of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, among them — and Perinatal AIDS centers. Head of Territorial Administration PF "VIS" Mikhail Martynov told that before you start pouring the foundation made a number of preparatory work: the site was filled with rubble on top of which was laid geopolotno and a layer of sand. The work began in the winter, so the filling is carried out in specially constructed, portable room, staffed heat gun. Process reliability with such technology is not worse than in the summer, and the deadline is not delayed. According to Mikhail Martynov, while they work on standard technology, but in the future we plan to implement innovative ideas that are still kept secret.

Four years ago, "Gazprom mining Noyabr'sk" built in second ski base. Distance to ski paved and lighted roller skis.

Two years ago, the grand opening of the Zone 1 line activities. The complex is located in the open air and includes the ski slopes, tubing track, training slope for snowboarding and skiing, hockey court. At the sports center is a building for rental of ski equipment. All the tracks are equipped with lifts, lit. The capacity of the object — up to 1,700 people. At the facility opened section of skiing and snowboarding section, organized mass skating.

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