German dishes and secret project V-3

Author: Vl. Zolotukhin UIGGM SB RAS, Novosibirsk

In the scientific and popular literature, discussed in detail the German secret projects "V-2" (A-4) to establish a controlled ballistic missile with liquid rocket engine (LRE), under the guidance of renowned specialists: Wernher von Braun and K. Riedel (Rocket Center in Dornberger Peenemunde — the island of Usedom, most often on the documents he was designated as a "Peenemunde-Ost"). Around the same time, in early 1942, another group of designers from the Air Force developed the project, which received the designation flying bomb FZG-76, later called "V-1" (polygon BBC "Peenemunde-West") (1). But the most secret project, which involved the German Wehrmacht during this period, was the project of "V-3" (flying disc), which will be discussed in this report (2).
For information on UFOs worried not only ordinary people but also the secret military agencies, which have long been thoroughly analyzed and treated them all incoming information on UFOs for the use of these parameters to create technical aerial vehicles for military purposes. Apparently, these observations at the time and was born in the bowels of the military departments of Nazi Germany, the idea of a super project "V-3" in order to bring the technology design thought to actually being fixed in the past and present objects.
Most of all command of U.S. and British Allied aircraft pilots messages about the meeting in the air with strange glowing spheres, later named foo-fighters who pursued aircraft in combat missions. Let us say at once that such things have noticed not only the pilots of the U.S. and England, but reported on these meetings and our Soviet pilots.
Here's what the press wrote then about these cases. In a statement published in the newspaper "Wales Argus" on December 13, 1944, said: "The Germans developed the" up the secret "weapon as if specially for the Christmas holidays. This new weapons for air defense, like glass beads that decorate the Christmas tree. They were seen in the skies over German territory, sometimes singly, sometimes in groups. These balloons are silver in color and appears to be transparent "(3).
The newspaper "Herald Tribune" on May 2, 1945 wrote: "The Nazis, it seems, have started something new in the sky. This mysterious balls — Foo Fighters, carried close to the wings byufaytersov invading the territory of Germany. Pilots flying on night faced with a mysterious weapon for a month. Nobody knows what kind of air gun. "Fireballs" appear suddenly and accompany the planes for several kilometers. Rather, they are controlled by radio from the ground … " (3).
The testimony of the pilots was also noted that during the meeting with the foo-fighters often broke down junk electronics and engines. There are indications which have become known after the war that the problem of the creation of such foo-fighters were engaged in technical engineers and designers Wehrmacht.
However, the Germans were no less concerned about the appearance of mysterious objects that are often passed over their secret polygons and taken by them for the new American planes. The Germans even created for their research in the Luftwaffe special secret group — "Zonderbyuro-13", and the work was carried out under the code name "Operation Uranius" (4.6).
Of course, the Germans were also observed some mysterious device and tried to understand their technology. Can these observations, and given such a rapid momentum in the development of a flying disk. It is possible and that the operation "Uranius" could certainly be a well-planned disinformation opponent.
Theoretical development of German scientists in Göttingen and Aachen, found practical application in labs DVL in Adlershof and missile research site in Peenemunde. It is known that at the heart of the Luftwaffe pilot OBF in Oberammergau, Bavaria, the Germans carried out the work on the machine, able to close the ignition system of another aircraft from a distance of about 30 meters, through the creation of powerful electromagnetic fields. Captured after the war rocketry experts and documents confirm that the Germans developed the top-secret aircraft project-ROM, various modifications, devoid of all protrusions and managed by a powerful turbine or jet engine. In short, it could just be a small flying disk, automatically chasing enemy aircraft and incapacitating motor. And there are serious confirmation (3).


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