German experts: intestinal infections may become epidemic

BERLIN, June 4. Spreading in Germany intestinal infection is more dangerous than previously thought, it is looking about the epidemic. This is indicated by experts from the University of Kiel. As the channel "Vesti", referring to the edition of "Bild", the increased risk of E. coli is that causes inflammation and bleeding in the intestines aggressive bacteria from Central Africa is somehow merged with a previously unknown in Germany E. coli EHEC, creating a new dangerous strain.

According to Professor Stefan Schreiber, African microbe has all the ability to colonize the intestine, inflammation and cause the maximum produce toxins that cause hemolytic uremic syndrome, and severe neurological effects.

"We can in this case is really talking about the epidemic", — the expert added Berlin Research Institute of Virology, Robert Koch Klaus Stark.

According to him, it is a "totally unexpected appearance of a large number of diseases that we on this scale in Germany have not yet seen."

Meanwhile, the exact cause and the place where it originated new aggressive infection, have not been established.

While believed by the Federal Institute for Risk Evaluation, a dangerous intestinal infection spread from the north of Germany. There basically lived or visited before infection 19 dead and 520 ill due to syndrome HUS.

We add that the German Interior Ministry said that while there is no evidence that it is a "bioterrorist activity." According to microbiologist Alexander Kekule, a terrorist background of what is happening is "very unlikely, because it is an entirely new agent."

Recall, before it became known that the number of victims of intestinal infection in Europe reached 19 people. The bacterium has already crossed the borders of Poland and the Czech Republic, only infected for more than two thousand.

Cases have also been identified in Sweden, there are 43 patients in Denmark — 17 living in the Netherlands — 8, UK — 7 and in France — 6. For two patients showed an intestinal infection health care services in Austria, Switzerland and the USA. In Spain, the Czech Republic, and Norway were found in one patient.

Add the previously chief sanitary doctor of Russia, Gennady Onishchenko, said the outbreak of intestinal infection in Europe could be "unnatural nature", that is provoked by the people.

He explained that all the strains of infections resistant to antibiotics.

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