Global warming destroyed the 77 glaciers in the Altai

Due to global warming, in the Altai Mountains in the last 40 years 77 glaciers melted. Scientists note that the rate of retreat of up to 40 meters per year. As the portal Travel, especially noticeable in Sofia and Talduriyskom glaciers.

At present the area glaciated Altai is 748 square kilometers, while the recently 805 In the Altai Mountains there are now 953 of the glacier, and in 1970 there were 1030.

According to experts, the reason for the retreat of the glaciers is global warming. Found that the average temperature in the Altai has increased over the last century and a half degrees. Now this process is accelerated, and in some years, the impact of global warming have been particularly pronounced. So, in 2008, 3970-meter peak of Mount Mongun Taiga in the eastern part of the Altai completely free of snow, exposing the glacier.

Scientists suggest that over the next ten years, glacier retreat will not only continue, but will occur with greater intensity than now.

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