GLONASS will help domestic companies to enter the global market

The Russian navigation market is growing faster pace. However, to enter the global level it needs more support from the business, says trade publication "Journal of GLONASS."

In 2011, the volume of domestic navigation market has increased several times: this was due to the completion of the formation of the GLONASS satellite constellation that provides is now 100% coverage of the globe. In the short-term positive trend will continue through the implementation of projects such as ERA-GLONASS implementation of intelligent systems to monitor and control public transport, full navigation equipment to equip the fleet of emergency services.

The scale of the domestic market for the most successful to date, domestic technology is not enough: the next stage in development — a global ambition. Until now, the development of domestic navigation system occurred mainly due to the active support of the state. But now that the infrastructure GLONASS basically established, the role of the state should gradually decrease, and business — to grow.

"The world market is positioned as GLONASS system, a backup or alternative American system, but it will be a real competition only if consumers are navigation services will be offered to high-quality navigation and information services and products, — says the press service of the NGO RIC-Systems. — In the early stages it can be a unique "niche" solutions developed by domestic companies. In the future, promising an "export" the proposal will be challenging multi-level navigation and information systems that have been developed and successfully tested in Russia. " 

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