Good health, Roger!

Roger Uoterz — Co-founder and dovgagadovy leader of the rock band "Pink Floyd" One of the most well-known bands in the history of rock music.

If Voterz left the band in 1985 and began to plead with three fellow musicians — David Gilmour, Nicholas Mason and Richard Wright — in order to prevent them to use the name "Pink Floyd" in their future musical career, one of the journalists is very lucidly explained all interested meaning of that process. Imagine that it is not fixed to each other executives of the company "Coca-Cola" and began to understand which of them are actually owned the trademark and the name of the company, said one journalist. So, in the world of rock music trademark "Pink Floyd" can be compared to the one with the trademark «Coca-Cola» in the world drinks.

Perhaps there is in this comparison a certain exaggeration. But — is small.

According to the official website of Roger Voterza, musician ten days starting gigantic world tour "Roger Waters The Wall Live", which will suffer until the end of June 2011. During this tour (100 shows!) He intends to comply fully with the music from the double album "The Wall" (1979), one of the most outstanding concept albums of rock music.

In Prague concert Uoterza has held April 15 2011a. I was with my wife at concerts Uoterza in Prague in 2002 and 2007. yes, of course, was going to go to that. About the concert announced in the spring This year,, but because it seemed to me that we have plenty of time to buy tickets. The only thing we did not know that all the tickets sold out in just a few days read. The older Roger Uoterz, the better! Or, simply, magic acts of the trademark "Pink Floyd"?

Be that as it may, the famous bassist, composer and lyricist "Pink Floyd" now falls to wish equine health and aging. Concert Uoterza — judging by the fact that my wife and I have seen twice in Prague — this is a three-hour show with a short break in between.

So, here's to you, Roger Waters! Use the "Johnnie Walker" with tostse I can not (I'm not a rocker and shutter speed I is not the same), but a bottle of Coke today, I probably got it.

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