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What is it?

Gout (Gouty arthritis) — a disease of the joints, which is caused by the deposition of salts in them uric acid (urate). It affects all the joints: fingers, hands, feet, elbows and knees. Gout most often affects the joints of the toes.

Gout affects about one person in a thousand. Men suffer 20 times more often than women. The disease usually develops after 40 years in men and post-menopausal women.

Why did this happen?

In the development of gout is the role of heredity. Predisposing factors: excess food, monotonous meat diet, alcohol (especially beer and wines), sedentary lifestyle. Often, the disease develops in patients with renal failure, and blood diseases.

What's going on?

Normally, uric acid, which is the end product of metabolism of some substance into theblood and excreted by the kidneys. In some cases, the concentration uric acid in the blood can increase greatly. This is due to lack of education or increased excretion of uric acid. Moreover, its salts (urate) crystallize and are deposited in the joints, causing inflammation and pain. Moreover, urate may accumulate in the skin, forming nodules (tophi) and renal forming stones (stones).

What way?

Typically, gout develops in the intake of alcohol (especially beer), or overeating. The disease is manifested by sudden and intense pain, redness and "heat" in the joint. Gout attacks do happen, usually at night. The pain is so severe that many patients do not survive even the weight of the sheets on the affected joint. Repeated attacks of gout usually preceded by a tingling sensation in the affected joint. If gout is left untreated, the attacks are becoming more frequent and longer periods of exacerbation. Arthritis affects all new joints often affects the kidneys and the urinary tract.


The diagnosis is a rheumatologist at survey and rasprosy patient. Typically, the biochemical analysis of blood increased determined uric acid. In some cases, a puncture (puncture) joint research with the joint fluid or X-ray.


Unfortunately, gout can not be cured completely, but it can be controlled. To do this, you first need to change the nature of power — to exclude products such as beer, wine, meat of young animals, offal (liver, kidney, etc.), legumes, mushrooms, sardines, fish roe.

Drug treatments include anti-inflammatory drugs, and drugs which inhibit the formation and stimulate the excretionuric acid.

Greatly facilitates health physiotherapy. Applied and surgical removal of deposits uric acid in soft tissues.

Treatment includes correction of body weight and treatment of metabolic diseases (atherosclerosis, diabetes) who are companions of gout.


For the prevention of exacerbations of gout diet is recommended (see above). To drink a lot of liquid (three liters per day). Dehydration and worsens renal function leads to increased concentrations of uric acid in plasma.

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