Grand-AUTO producer of special equipment on KAMAZ chassis!

Our company offers a wide range of special equipment on KAMAZ chassis!

They are:



-Trucks with CMU


-Airborne vehicles

-Log trucks (with and without CMU CMU)

-Timber trucks

The company's mission — the establishment and maintenance kachetsvenny and nadzhenoy technique of real economic sector of Russia!

All of the add their own production! Provided all the necessary documentation and setrifikaty!

Today, machine building sector in Russia is on the decline. There is no real government support of small and medium-sized enterprises from the state for the industry … Our goal is to provide innovative and high-tech manufacturing, which would ensure the needs of a quality product.

Our product is unique — kartofelevoz BALT "Grand Polevik" which reduces the battle crop (potatoes, onions, carrots) to 10% compared with a conventional dump truck. Such a body is used in America since the 50s of the 20th century, which speaks to their effectiveness.

Among our most truck chassis model was modified 63731D (6.0): trilateral unloading, ispolhzuemaya 09G2C steel, internal dimensions of the platform 6000h2400h1300 mm, also available with patched on boards 400 mm obuem body is 18.5 cubic meters (24.5 cubic meters). Is offered in 2 versions: a lightweight (base 4 mm, 3 mm front panel, side walls 3 mm) or the "enhanced" (base 5 mm, 4 mm front panel, side walls 3 mm).

Other models are available on our website.

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