Grodno Belarus protesters at the school questioned at the station

Professor Grodno Medical University Ales and journalist Vladimir Ostrovsky Khilmanovich who picketed in front of the Grodno City Executive Committee, police drove to the police station on the street Gorodnichanskaya. There they took up a report explaining and removal of posters. Then, separately, the department delivered the wife of Mr. Ostrowski Oksana children — Sveta, Jank and Basil, who two years.

On Oksana Ostrovsky, a policeman asked the questions: who was the initiator of the picket, who wrote the posters, for what reason they came to the square of Lenin? She, in turn, demanded that the readings recorded in the Belarusian language, the officer agreed.

Ales Ostrovsky said that at first they were invited to the city council to the deputy chairman of Irina Senchenkova, and the conversation took place in a constructive way — about the possibility of opening one of the first class with the Belarusian language learning. However, he said that if this is not done, he'll take my daughter out of school and will be hiring private tutors. Its a fortiori surprised that after such a conversation they waited about five policemen.

Mr. Ostrovsky says that the police would ask why they have not applied for a picket of fifteen days? But the parents had hoped that their daughter Svetlana provide training on whiteRussian language. However, on 1 September, they were convinced that the hope was in vain. On He said, the policeman said, you have broken the law and you can send a subpoena.


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