Groundwater in California mysteriously disappear

April 16. Stefan Wolff said that something strange is happening under the ground in the eastern part of the county of Shasta, and the result of these anomalies is draining wells and the occurrence of craters and valleys. The fall of the water level, may be a signal of an impending earthquake.

Retired marine geologist who worked in the U.S. Geological Survey, Wolf says he saw what was happening in eastern Shasta County before. After the earthquake in 1989, the water level in the earthquake area decreased significantly, he said.

On the earthquake force of 6.9 points in the mountains of Santa Cruz, Wolf wrote an article for the USGS stating the signs of the coming earthquake and among them was a sharp decline in the water table.

"The correlation is. Behavior is identical, "- said Wolf, who lives in the small eastern Shasta County town of Kassel in 2001.

Back in October, 131 earthquakes occurred in the area of Lassen Peak. Most of them were less than 2.0 magnitude. But since then, the water table has dropped significantly, said Wolf.

Everything points to the fact that California is waiting for a major earthquake.

Source: Earth. Chronicles of Life

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