Guatemalan residents fleeing from the fury of the volcano Fuego

More than 10.6 thousand people were evacuated from the vicinity of the Guatemalan volcano Fuego, the activity of which has increased dramatically. National Coordinating Council to address the effects of natural disasters declared the highest level of anxiety in the vicinity of the volcano. The decision was taken after the crater Fuego strong explosions occurred, after which define gas emissions reached a height of over a kilometer.

On the slopes of the natural lava flow down the colossus. Currently, residents evacuated eight villages in the immediate vicinity of the volcano. People housed in temporary shelters. Guatemalan authorities do not rule out that the withdrawal of the population may soon begin as from other places.

Due to massive emissions of ash from the crater of Fuego, cover a vast area, the crews of airliners, the course of which lies in the area of the volcano, it is recommended to take precautions, according to ITAR-TASS.

Fuego, the height of which is 3.7 thousand meters above sea level, is located 50 kilometers south of the capital — the city of Antigua. Volcano periodically reminded of the emission of hot gases and ash. Previously, the administration of the international airport of the capital of Guatemala have not once had to temporarily suspend the air terminal in connection with loss of 'ash sediments. "

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