Guided tours and excursions

Can be a very good time, if selected as a leisure excursion tourism. It allows you to enjoy a unique and modern architecture, and at least a unique ancient architecture, and the magnificence of nature, or simply allows you to sit in a cozy restaurant with national cuisine. In other words, these tours are designed specifically in order to acquaint the people with the most beautiful and wonderful thing on Earth …

Before the trip, should read about those things that you plan to visit. It will not depend on the guide, listening to his explanations, and allow the saved time to spend on it for a more detailed self-examination. Moreover frequently guides sin tedious and lengthy narratives on local attractions, so many tourists, buying last minute tours, prefer to choose a tour route, and guide itself, good choice is big enough.

If the inspection has to be carried in a group, then you need to follow certain rules of conduct. Should behave cautiously and correctly, even if something is not very much. During the tour is considered extremely impolite to eat ice cream, chewing gum, etc. It should not be and moves too close to the guide, in order not to block it from other tourists, and to join with him or to a member of the group in the immediate discussion on about what he saw, because it can not please everyone. And most importantly, under no circumstances should you leave the group during the tour, even if you see something very interesting and would like to make a photo as a souvenir. The fact that the tours are often committed in a rare, uninhabited, and sometimes in wild places, so behind the group, you risk not only to miss the interesting story of the local guide, but will also be lost, or even worse.

And even riding barbarism can be considered any attempt to leave the walls of the monuments their names, initials or other text. Moreover, it is illegal and you can be held responsible for their "rock" drawings and inscriptions.

Going to the cultural and educational tour, you must know the fact that on certain tours Special rules apply. And if the tour guide warned about it, voiced demands to obey faithfully!

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