Gunsmiths ORSIS purchased new foreign partners in the exhibition IWA &Outdoor Classics — 2013

Preliminary arrangements entered into GC "Survey Systems" at the international exhibition IWA &Outdoor Classics — 2013 may provide an annual industrial loading arms factory ORSIS.

  • Gunsmiths ORSIS purchased new foreign partners in the exhibition IWA &Outdoor Classics - 2013
  • Gunsmiths ORSIS purchased new foreign partners in the exhibition IWA &Outdoor Classics — 2013


March 8-11, held in Nuremberg is one of the most famous international exhibitions of hunting and sporting weapons IWA &Outdoor Classic — 2013. This year the exhibition was very successful for the group of companies "Survey Systems" that took part in it for the second time.

In the largest exhibition in Europe were presented ORSIS rifles in all three areas — tactical, hunting and sports.

"It was the most famous shows our rifle ORSIS T-5000 in calibers 308Win and 338LM, as well as rifles Alpine, Hunter, — said General Director of" Promtekhnologiya "Alexey Sorokin — international presentation completely new rifle for target shooting, developed with the advice of Ukrainian team of F-class ».

The exhibition presented the elements of the bolt, trigger mechanisms and forms of trunks ORSIS, made of stainless steel. All this has caused great interest among gunsmiths from all over the world.

"This year, the usual curiosity about our company beginning to materialize into contracts and transactions. The quality of our rifles like both consumers and arms makers — many of them have seen in various European competitions and were satisfied. Therefore managed to make a large number of preliminary agreements, which in the case of the 100% will provide annual industrial load of our company at current levels of capacity, "- said Alexey Sorokin.

To production ORSIS was interest not only of the gunsmiths UK, the U.S., but virtually all of Europe.

"This is Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Denmark, the Scandinavian countries. The Americans even found a legal loophole to introduce a limited batch of our rifles into the United States, in spite of some difficulties, "- said General Director of" Promtekhnologiya. "

According to him, interest at the show the most was shown to ORSIS T-5000 — that this rifle is concerned about 30% of the agreements. Much attention has been paid to sports and hunting models. But mostly people attracted general property rifles — what of them can shoot far and accurately.

"European consumers when spinning our rifles in hand, first of all, pay attention to the quality of manufacture" — said Alexey Sorokin.

Many technological processes, development and application in the production of ORSIS, nowhere in Europe are no longer used.

"Today standardization of the production of parts has resulted in rifles used by any European manufacturer stamped, molded, plastic parts — even in the bolt group. We all milled parts. In terms of the cost of such a rifle, if that it be in Europe, will be sufficiently serious money. However, we have rifles cheaper and thus of the highest quality — the items are made of well-crafted solid steel, highly accurate guns "- said Alexey Sorokin.

  • Dmitry Rogozin, the exhibition IWA-2013
  • Dmitry Rogozin, the exhibition IWA-2013

The guest of honor at the stand of SC "Survey Systems" became the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

Dmitry O. conveyed the gratitude of Dmitry Medvedev's team of "Promtekhnologiya" for the manufacture of rifles, which gave Prime Minister Raul Castro during his visit to Cuba.

Then familiarize yourself with all model series rifles ORSIS, presented at the exhibition, Dmitry Rogozin, gunsmiths wished success and the acquisition of new partners.

"We were bright and attended the show as" news ". This event has developed a number of traditional players, who year after year are the same, pretty standard solutions. Therefore, the general background, I think we seriously stood out — at least in our products really has been shown a lot of interest, but not banal curiosity, "- said Alexey Sorokin.

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